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New S30 Shock and Spring Option

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Thanks guys....this thread has been helpful.  I want to order the Vogtland springs for a late 260Z/280Z  from Brandcarparts.


I assume the photo on their website is incorrect (smaller at one end and progressive wound). http://brandcarparts.com/1975-1978-nissan-datsun-280z-vogtland-lowering-springs-kit-1-25-drop.html


The picture on this ebay listing looks correct (no taper and linear wound).  http://www.ebay.com/itm/VOGTLAND-GERMAN-LOWERING-SPRINGS-fits-NISSAN-DATSUN-260Z-280Z-1975-to-77-1978-/400786161518?fits=Make%3ADatsun%7CModel%3A260Z&hash=item5d50b77f6e:g:-uQAAOSwDN1UNiMy&vxp=mtr


Are these the ones Brandcarparts send even though their web picture is different?  Can any of you 280Z Vogtland spring owners confirm?


Also, I plan to buy struts.....would Tokico Illuminas be worth the added cost as opposed to HPs?

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I purchased the full kit from brandcarpart for a 1975 280z and the rear struts were to short to install. The springs seem fine but will need to get back to you on how the struts go. I am hoping they send me the correct struts. The drop was perfect on my Z but I have the old struts in the back. 

 Sounds like they sent you 240Z shocks for the rear. What part number did you get? Below should be the correct ones.


#552205 240Z rears

#552206 260-280Z rears

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You can just add a spacer (from a piece of pipe) to make up the distance on the rear strut.  That's what Tokico does.  Same strut on all four corners, two use a spacer.  Seems like the distributor in this case just never got their database right and now they're screwed up forever.  One of the downsides of the new technology age - mistakes tend to be permanent.  There's a company out there advertising CV axles for 240Z's because somebody assumed and put it in to a database.

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Did they ship you the correct rear Struts? I'm going through the same thing. I got them about 2 weeks ago and didn't have time until yesterday to mess with it but saw that the rears didn't fit. Looking at this thread it looks like they sent me the 240 rear Struts


Yes, I eventually got a hold of the vendor and they shipped me the correct rear struts and let me keep the other ones. I had already installed the 240Z struts with a piece of pipe so i kept them in the car and did 3 races on those before swapping in the correct ones. Only reason I swapped in the correct ones is because I had the rear suspension apart anyway. Over all I'm happy with the setup and its held up well.

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Going to bump "stop" this nearly a year later with my results having recently installed them on a 240Z.

As one can see, the set is two different designed springs, not the similar looking ones used on the 280s.  I installed the VA in the front and the HA in the rear (not entirely certain this is correctly labeled by whomever manufactured them) as specified by previous posts.  


On the ground the Z looks level and has even gap front/rear and rides very well, not jarring, not bumpy, smooth and quite comfortable.  The measured drop from oem springs to these is approximately 1.6" in the front and .75" in the rear with the drivers side being 0.125" higher than the passenger side to accommodate drivers weight.


The one area of concern is with the front coils being near coil binded throughout the entire length, which makes for only an inch or slightly more (not actually measured) of actual travel...I was wishing for more as I don't need to be this low.  I understand its due to the design of a progressive spring including coil bind as a "helper" but why even design a spring to be this compressed with such a short travel?

With the sheer lack of info on the manufacturing run of these through Vogtland and the added lack of info from any vendor which sold these I'm really wondering if the springs need to be swapped front to rear as similarly reported over the years with users of Eibach getting all confused as the F/R stampings changed from Eibach to MSA through their change-over.

I haven't measured the actual spring rates of these other than accepting the data originally posted by JohnC (The 240z rates are 152 fronts and 170 rears), but I'm wondering how the balance and handling will be affected by the swap if done???


It's too bad there are such few options remaining for Z lowering springs on the market today.  With most going the coilover route I can see why, but for those who don't want to go that route it's tough to find a well balanced solution.


Vogtland Kit:

Vogtland 240Z Kit

Vogtland Front w/vehicle weight:

20668172 10209896220777675 1861731534 N

Vogtland Rear w/vehicle weight:

Vogtland Rear

Another discontinued lowering spring option was Tokico, very similar results to above.
Tokico Front w/vehilcle weight:

Tokico Front

Tokico Rear w/vehicle weight:

Tokico Rear

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So I tried ordering a set of shocks and springs for my early 260 off eBay today and my order ended up being cancelled and my money returned due to no stock. I tried contacting brandcarparts off their website also but never got a response. Is there any other affordable solution to springs and shocks without going coilovers?

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