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The progress has been quite slow lately.  After getting all the sheet metal work of the visible surfaces done I patched up the gaps in the inner fenders. At the moment I am working on the fuel cell fixture and will post some pictures of the that when it is ready. In the mean time, here are some pictures of how the inner fenders look and how the GTR sub frame sits:




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As the work I am doing on the car at the moment is not so much body related, I decided to start a project topic which can be found here:



I assembled the rear subframe along with all the attaching parts and started fiddling around with the engine and transmission fitment.

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Paint the dang car already! I check this section every couple of days to see if you made any updates lol

I hate to disappoint you, but paint will have to wait. The widening of the rear needed to be done because of the GTR sub frame. The sub frame was changed to get something beefier to the rear to cope with the added power provided by the BMW V8. As the whole car is undergoing some serious "hybridization" all around and it is conveniently taken down to bare metal, I plan to do all the fabrication work before coating. The progress of the work can be followed on the member project section.

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13 hours ago, Exposed said:

@Bobendid you ever get this complete?

Thanks for asking.

I worked on the car quite regularly until end of 2016, but then life happened and the project was pretty much on hold until beginning of 2020. I am still working on it so I guess this one of those never ending projects.


The progress is documented here:


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