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Anyone running/opinion on Stance coilover from Sakura Garage?

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So I suck.  


But I am going to own that. 


I haven't posted any pictures, and I am no father ahead then where I was when the coilovers arrived..... except the pile of parts next to the car is growing.  When time is what you have none off, the only progress you make is part shopping. 


So in two weeks time I will be up with a buddy welding the collars on for the coilovers.  When my garage warms up I will finish cutting the remaining towers for the camber plates. 


I guess I need to pick a website to upload my photos because I cannot just plop them up on here, and well....time. 


In the parts pile.....


Seat mounts from planted

Sparco chronosport fixed backs

Bpillar bar from TTT

Subaru R180 STI 3.90 diff

Ron tyler diff mount

TTT moustache bar

Wolf creek CV's and billet stub axles


TTT Wilwood front and rear brake kits

TTT front hubs

TTT GTcontroll arm and Tension rod combo kit


TTTdelrin rack bushings

TTTsteering coupler

new rear wheel bearings and seals


Picked up some 510 fender mirrors and leather ebrake boot and shifter boot

BAMF ZG flares 

and really aggressive Work miesters



The one thing all of these parts have in common is they are not yet on my car.  



So I will get photos up as I make progress.  When I get a day in the shop a lot seems to happen.  Front and rear suspension is completely out and Diff is ready to go in.  


Side note.  Gabrielle at T3 is amazing, and the guys at Sakura are awesome.  So  on that note......



Who should I use to host my photos to best share them with you guys?



(if any one is still following hahahahah)

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Hey kona,

I'm one of the guys with the stance set-up from sakura. I can;t speak much about the technical aspects of suspension because I don't know much about it but I can give you my opinion on how the car feels. First off, the product is great and it looks awesome. It has a nice thick strut and its easy to adjust the dampening, even though I havent played much with it......maybe I should to see how the ride changes. My car sits really low but the ride is still smooth. I'm running 6k springs all around. I've gone fast through corners and fast through bumps and the car sticks pretty good to the ground. I would totally recommend this product. I have no regrets. I think it rides great.


Is that the extreme low kit?

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Upload pics from your computer by first going to the bottom right of the message window and clicking the More Reply Options


CLICK    post-181-0-12046100-1455674252_thumb.jpg



Then go to Attach Files at left bottom and click Choose File. This will open a folder on your computer that has all your picture files in it. If not, then you will need to find that folder.

Once you see your pic/s, click on the pic and it will transfer the file name into the area by Attach File. Keep adding pics if you have more than one. Click on Add To Post to put each pic in the message window, then click Add Reply


CLICK    post-181-0-55528200-1455674263_thumb.jpg





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Is that the extreme low kit?


Had to chime in - at Sakura Garage, we have no "extreme low" kit.  The Stance-USA coilover kit we offer has always allowed an installed ride-height from stock to - well, very low. 


Lucas figures that he can get the frame rails on his late 280Z 1.5" from the pavement. That's not where his car is set, and I would never recommend such a stance.  But it is an example of the amount of adjustment we've always had in these coils.


@kona41 & rome03 - Thanks for the kind words!

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So here is some of the progress. Slow but steady. The front spindles are out getting welded. The rear collars are welded to the carriers. The front shock towers are cut and the camber plates and vanity plates are installed. I had the vanity plates powder coated to match the car. Currently putting rear wheel bearings together so I can start buttoning up the rears. Subaru diff and wolfcreekracing cv's to go in, along with T3 Rlca, dogbone and drop mounts and Ron Tyler diff mount.


T3 rear disc kit mocked up. And fml. Z con in August.... And I still do not have a suspension in the car. Lol. Time is the commodity here.






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So I know its been a long time but lots of progress was made last summer, and I was back driving the car. 

T3 control arms front and rear, tension rods, steering coupler,  moustache bar, drop mounts, installed along with Wolf Creek Racing CV's, STI stub axel adapters, r180 STI diff, RT diff mount, T# big brake kit front and rear.......

April the car goes for body work, repaint and some other goodies. 


Car was aligned and corner balanced this past fall, and I cannot get over the change in mechanical grip.  Suspension and CVs are loud but that comes with the territory.  Big spring for the car.  I have been bad at updating on here, but feel that I owe it.  check me on instagram for updates @theburbankbuild_s30










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I'm about the order some coil and am between BC's and these. This thread may have pushed me towards these!


I was curious if the threaded tube comes notched to clear the hump on the spindle. Shown in this picture, can you confirm that the notch came precut, or is this a cut that you had to make? Thanks!

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