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" The third place went to a man who left with a destroyed car. One of our favorite from the event, the turbo-charged 1971 Datsun with a Chevy small-block,

lost control at the top end of the track on his last pass, burying his car into the gravel shut-down area. The front clip was destroyed and the roof buckled under the stress. Owner and driver Hanns Ruth was not hurt. "

Pass 1: 9.176

Pass 2: 9.08

Pass 3: 9.173

Read more: http://blogs.hotrod.com/winners-and-spinners-at-pomona-nmca-west-114861.html#ixzz32M5U2ZPO 

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Thank you all for your concern. I have been somewhat depressed over the crash and have not felt like talking about what occurred. But now I'm resigned to the fact I will be unable to race again. The rear and interior portion of the Z are ok, but it needs a new clip from the front bumper to the strut tower. The 10 point cage really kept the car structurally intact. I will try to sell it as a "fixer upper". ...ha ha. If that doesn't work I'll part it out since the turbos, engine, trans, rear, we're untouched.


It was a hot day and I had to brake harder than usually to stop the car after 160 mph runs. This was not a problem for the first 2 runs, however, after the 3rd back-to-back True Street run the brakes felt soft. When I realized I was in trouble and pulled the chute, it was too late. I saw the gravel pit approaching, rapidly, and thought it would stop the car. The Z just skimmed over the gravel, not sinking in. At that point I said,"Hello Net". It felt like driving into a paper bag that folded around you. Thanks to all my safety equipment, I did not receive a single scratch nor whiplash nor muscle soreness. This was also due to my being totally relaxed upon impact.


The paramedics and track personnel were there immediately and provided assistance. I commend all the staff for their compassion and professionalism in my moment of need.


I did get my plaque and $100 for posting the fastest 9 second time.

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Hey Hanns,  I first saw this on hotrod.com.  I knew it was you, even though I tried to convince myself otherwise.  So, I immediately checked it out here on HybridZ to be sure.  It saddens me to see the Z destroyed, but most importantly you were unharmed, thank goodness.  It is too bad you have decided to quit racing, but one can understand why.  I have always been a fan of yours, I wish I could do something to bring back your Z.  If I had the means, I would buy the remains of the Z and bring it back, no doubt! 

Again, it is awesome you are ok!  I do feel honored and lucky to have both a dvd/video, and a piece of the original motor mounts from the MIGHTY turbomeister Z. 

Good luck buddy!

Let ne know if you decide to rebuild.

Take care,


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