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Back in action!



Came across this threw a friend of mine. 1974 260Z (11/74). Got it for a great price. Sat in a garage for about 3 years. Was drug out of a barn by my good friend about 8 years ago. He then swaped in the motor/ trans and ended up selling it before it drove, to the guy i got it from. He then carried on a decent swap. The car has a very nice COMPLETE aftermarket harness. Has very little rust. All of it is exterior. Flairs and fenders could fix it all :). Original paint (and pin striping?). Has Eibach springs with Tokico adjustable struts all the way around. Larger Gen 1 Yota brakes up front. And a few other nice features. It goes down the road very nice. One of the best riding z's Ive had. Sadly the Motor dose have issues. It had a faint knock. And a few other issues I noticed after having it for a few days. At the time of writing the the motor is completly stripped. Will go into more detail later on what i found. (Bearings) Anyway Its awsome to be back and have a Z again. Heres a few pics. 








Currently has a lil beef under the hood. A small block Chevy Vortec 350 (1996??). Fed by a Holley Avenger. I was told its a 650 but Havent verified. Mated to a T-5 (from a camaro? Havent done the research yet). Which is spinning an open R200 (Ratio unknow still). Ahh the joys of buying projects.





More to come!

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Major lag on the update. Just no time to do write ups of the build. Ill try and get current as fast as possible but i know everybody loves pictures. :)


I pulled the motor on may 29th. Had bottom end issues. Slight Knocking. It was bairly noticable. But i heard it. Knowing I would want to DRIVE this car I wasent having it. Especially when the oil had a slight hint of metal. So as i wanted to do regardless I pulled the motor. 


Found a bad bearing on #3 rod. 




The rest look basically like this. Seems like damage from dirty oil. Im guessing a lack of oil on the #3. :/ 




Found This interesting. 




So i considered my options. I lucked out and found a sweet one piece rear main short block. Was told ruffly 3-4k on it. Has a decent rebuild in it. .30 over pistons, shot rods, Scat crank, balanced bottom end. Came with a Moroso drop pan. High flow pump and possibly a RV cam. According to paperwork i have its done by a shop in San Jose Ca. 




Moven right along, I stripped my motor and prepped everything for installation on the short block. I Picked up a nice stud kit for the heads. More of a cosmetic thing IMO for what im doing. :cool: 




Along with a full gasket set.




I went threw the heads and changed the stem seals as one was leaking. Also lapped the valves. I decided not to take them to the shop as everything was fine before with them. Poped them on and closed it up for that night.




After getting the valve train in and adjusted i finished up with the water pump,oil pump/pan, intake manifold and valve covers. New gaskets where needed. Have plans for an AN breather catch can setup down the road so im going to run the stock covers for now to save a few bucks. Here is a current pic of the motor as it sits waiting to be installed.





Once I got the motor setup for the most part I went after the motor bay. Basically cleaning it up. Cutting, welding, grinding and sanding. Filled and removed the extra hole and brackets. Took it down to a suitable surface to paint. Used a bit of filler to fix a few imperfections that stuck out. 



















Currently do minor touch up and then I will paint the final coats. Im just using Duplicolor High temp engine paint. Low gloss black to be exact. Feel if done right it will hold up better, longer from the heat of the bay. Apposed to the regular stuff $1.50 cheaper. My opinion only. Maybe Ill graduate to the paint gun one day. 


NEXT!    :windows:


The car has a full Centech wiring harness. Which is done quite well besides the fact that the tail light dont work. And the back two markers. Anyway I pulled the dash as i plan to do some hush mat or something along those lines. Also to maby install my new GUAGES. 






I do plan on getting the speedo but the setup would be a good $500 to get it running. Plus i found today the drive gear for the sender in the trans is missing. :/ 


Heres what config im going to run with for now. 








Well This is basically where im at currently. Im currently looing into the 84 Camaro T-5 i have. Its not a WC. Need a Clutch kit. It has a BBD in it now. MINUS a pilot bearing. The Imput shaft dose have a bit of movment. So I may brainstorm for a bit on what i want to do. Any imput would be great. What kind of power can these things handle? Ive read 300 ft/lb TQ for the WC and high 200's with what i have. T56??

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