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New? Bolt-in camber top mounts on the market

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Sorry for the late reply on the review guys, I guess better late than never.   Basically ended up doing exactly what I had hoped/planned, used stock hats / tokico illuminas / Arizona Z spr

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Max has it. One of the benefits of most camber plates is that they lower the car about 1 or 1.5 inches without losing travel. But you'll need the 2.5 springs and spring hats, and the threaded coilovers. Old perch cut off struts, new perch welded on, etc. Takes some doing, but worth it.

I have Bilstein strut inserts and Mulholland NOS springs would I need to do this with my setup? Just looking for a inch lower

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Sorry for the late reply on the review guys, I guess better late than never.


Basically ended up doing exactly what I had hoped/planned, used stock hats / tokico illuminas / Arizona Z springs (stock diameter).



Looking at the stock ebay images, I think some people were concerned about not having enough adjustment space for the camber. This shouldn't be an issue, as you can see on the underside, you can move the plate to different bolt positions, and use the top side slit for finer adjustment.











The only issue is.. the pillow bearing slot was too large, at least for my set up. I forgot the exact measurement on it but it's close to a 1/2" diameter. The strut nut / bearing that came with fits the camber plate fine, but they were also too large to fit my strut top thread (tried this on my buddy's T3 kit as well, same result)


I ended up using a spacer to make sure the strut fits nice and snug to the bearing, and ended up reusing the existing nut to secure.







Also ground out the flared lip on the stock hat, so it sits flush to the camber plate.







Fit just fine:






Lower the car about 1.5 inch without cutting up the car, got to keep my strut braces front and rear, pretty happy with the results. Not to mention having some camber adjustment abilities now.

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I give a try this with my Bilstein shock with this MK1 camber plates.


Arrived well packed.



top nut is same size with Bilstein's one.



the spacer? for the bottom.



Using top nut and bottom spacer to fit perfect & tight.



Just wonder there is about 0.3mm gap between spacer and shock tower.



Is this too much?

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