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Rim offset , Please help

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I need 7.5 inches in the back and 6.5 inches in the front for my new rims to be flush from the hub. A few website searches have lead me to believe I need a -51 in the front (3.5 backspacing) and -64 in the rear (2.5 inches back spacing) I have ZG wide body flares and i measured from the hubs. Ive seen the -25 and -38 steelies people run on their z's and I dont like the look they are not nearly as flush. HOWEVER alot of people tell me that -64 will stick hella past the flare. EVEN with the lip added on i still think its 8 inches to the lip flush with the flare. So I would only over shoot by maybe 1/2 inch. which is okay with me. Can anyone who is pretty good with rims and offset and Zs help me out. Btw they are 10 inch wide rims all around. 

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