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I have 2jz motor mounts!!!


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OK everyone, I made a deal with john owner of what we knew as beta motorsports. I have bought the plans for his motor mounts and plan on making them for resale. I will begin taking pre orders soon. There is one problem that a lot of you will probably not like, I am leaving on a business trip for at least 2 months so I won't be able to start production until I return. But when I do come back I will start making a bunch of them so we can have more Z's with JZ's!!!

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Yup, I've sent Ben the drawings for the cut parts and today I'm packing up the fixtures, the extra parts I have, and shipping them probably tomorrow.  Was supposed to do that over the weekend but Fathers day, family visiting, and a torn up backyard got in the way.


And Larrow... car on the road yet? 

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Finally! Cant wait, made the mistake of putting off purchasing the crossmember and bit me in the ass since it was no longer produced. Cant wait for you to start I will buy one. I was going to make my own but just not in the mood to spend time on that when I can buy the engine mount and spend that time making the trans mount and other brackets.

Just general questions:

Price range between $200-$400??
Tig welded or mig?
Thickness of the steel? Quality?

Looking forward to this, by the time you have a few ready to ship ill purchase them.


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I am curious how long it will take before these start to become available. You say $400 is aprox where you are hoping to sell for? I had started the process of swapping a 2jz into my datsun however I have been waayy too tied up in work and no longer have time to work on it and if I can just shell out some money and cut out a large time consuming portion then so be it eh? Lol

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I'm hoping to have them Rollin out of my garage and into your Z's here in the next couple weeks. Still sourcing everything locally and that is where I'm stuck at right now. As of right now I am planning on charging $400 so best bet is to just plan on that price. I will definitely keep everyone updated on the status and have pics up soon enough.

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