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240Z barnfind budget street & track rat project - finally some good pics

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its been about a year in the garage while i figured out what i was doing and then got it done (really 90% of the work took place in the last 3 months)


but seriously, first chance to get it out of the garage and hit the road was just after midnight this past friday the 13th, which also had a full moon overhead


turned on the stereo for the first time since its even been in this state - radio was tuned right to station playing ozzy, crazy train haha, no joke, cant make this stuff up





tooks some full moon pics after first drive, this is how she sits now, lots of changes coming though

















parked back in the garage



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an update of whats been going on the past year...


techno toy tuning coilovers (koni 8610 race, 250/275 lb-in springs) with DP racing camber plates

may be the sexiest car part ive ever purchased
made what friends have dubbed the creepiest basement in the world into a paint booth. and then realized i basically made a murder chamber, even creepier.
painted all suspension parts front/rear with zinc phosphate (95% zinc) and then POR-15
new wheel bearings all around
devised a perfect rear wheel bearing press for these, 1 1/4 steel pipe and hammer
new OEM balljoints, tie rods ends, polyurethane bushings everywhere
rear spindle pins were a pain in the ass.. as expected, beefy special little tool helped a lot, but even it mushroomed before second one broke off, i ended up just grinding it apart
front brakes
rear brakes, guess i forgot to take a picture with them on..
chopped up a yoga mat to make fender covers hahaha :lol:
ended up ditching the webers... they just werent going to be right, especially being 45s, for what the car was aimed at. was going to need to rejet, and would have choked down which would have just required more investment and time than was worth putting into something that was gonig to be ALL top end.
i traded them for some race prepped SU carbs in very good order, rebuilt by a long time 240z master around here Bob Smith
SU carbs actually came off of this gem, #13 SVRA racecar, owned by Andy Doll, who has become a good friend and been unendingly helpful in all of this, huge thanks to him. this is also where the webers went.. right where they belong. first race is last weekend of june, unfortunately same as pikes peak so i need to make some decisions =\
the mrs even had a hand :D :D good woman. shes probably as excited as i am.
up next...
confirmed my nismo/power brute clutch LSD can use sti inner axles, now just need to save up the $$
old school momo race wheel, going to get wrapped in alcantara
BUT seats are what im really needing right now, i know what i want eventually but dont have the cash right now. i can get these for cheap (no rails)... and i think im going to do it because even when i switch i can put these in the OBS rallyx car. but that depends on what its going to take to get some rails that will work for each, also i need to figure out a way to recover them cheaply, i hate the blue... anybody know of a good way to dye the material so that it wont bleed? maybe some shitty big ass universal seat cover.. ?
i have some extra interior vinyl and would like to make some custom old school lookin seat covers but not sure its worth it for these seats.. also girlfriend isnt here with her sewing machine skills at the moment
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engine wasnt revving past about 2500-3000, turned out dizzy wasnt advancing at all. got a electronic 280zx distributor in, took for first 'real' drive, runs good. oil pressure was reading a little low and i know i have a small leak in the pan so i still havent pushed it to hard. replaced the oil pressure sender last night, so hopefully it reads fine and is ready for a real real drive


also finally put the hood on; it had never fully latched before. so after fiddling with it for a few hours i got it reworked and all lined up.. and then couldnt get it back open hahah. finally did yesterday, the release cable is junk so im just going to replace it before it snaps on me.. new ones are $160!?!?! oh well, should be getting here today


also got in a temporary seat. think i am going to just put in the corbeaus once i can get some brackets welded up. then make fancy covers for them this winter





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Well havent updated this in a while but after another overhaul its been back on teh streets for a couple months. going to hit an autox and then HPDE at mid ohio hopefully in october.

Now running a holley 4bbl (390cfm), much more high-rpm than expected - nothing below 3k but over 5000 it pulls hard. Very fun, much more than i expected out of these engines on the top end.
Rear toe looks a bit excessive but not sure what adjustments i can make to that anyway... offset bushings?
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Drove the stank out of it the other day. little bit of seepage from valve cover but i bought a new gasket for the old engine that i can just put on, everything else seems solid as hell. got a clunk from passenger rear strut thats been going on forever, i think the gland nut doesnt have the right spacer, so going to put it on jackstands to dis/reassemble it and also make some other suspension adjustments; need to do some grinding to clearance the damper adjuster knob and get more camber in the front. 


Going to hit an autox first, but there are 2 SCCA events and 1 NASA at mid ohio coming up. Thinking im going to aim for NASA. i think my car as it stands falls into TTD, and surprised to see some 240Zs winning those chapters around. I know i dont have the power (classed with 300ZX, E36 M3s, 350Z, WRX etc) but will give me something to aim for, i'll only be doing HPDE for at least a year anyway.



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autox went fantastic. car was set up beautifully, felt very well balanced. a little understeery, but mostly from driving/course mistakes and dropping front tire pressures actually still helped a lot. undecided at whether i still see sway bars as necessary as i thought i did. pesky rear toe in was likely keeping the rear a bit more planted than i wanted so will probably get after that first and go from there.


engine did great. i accidentally started off the first pass colder than i had intended and was burning a good bit of oil, but had it at right temp for second and third and performed flawlessly without the james bond some screen. the carb setup is pretty dead below 3000 which i thought would be a problem but was not at all. really impressed at how well the car did for its first time out all around.


friend showed up with a camera after the first lap and got some great burst shots through the big corner before the first big straight. stance/alignment/balance seems to look as good as it felt








same corner lap 3






















also was super excited to find this bad boy in the pits and get to talk to the owner/builder. a factory five 33 hot rod was to be my build if i could have afforded it and i have a huge soft spot for daytona coupes. made a great day greater.






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got into one of the last track days at Mid Ohio - great success, car ran flawlessly







then just this past weekend finally made it out for a cruise in Hocking Hills, and got some good pictures in before winter hibernation. AWESOME roads out there, will be going back a lot in 2016













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