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Cxracing RB26DETT oil pan with RB25 trans in 240Z

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I've now noticed that Cxracing is selling a RB26 oil pan and strainer for fitting an RB26 in a 240Z with RB 25 trans. And the price is hundreds less than McKinney and Raw Brokerage. Has anyone installed this that can review it? Trying to see if it is worth the $ or if it's crap, doesn't fit right, or what have you. Thanks

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I def agree with you. Haven't heard any reviews on any of cxracing products other than they are less expensive. Going through McKinney, when I talked to them to ask them a question as simple as " what would the total quantity of oil be for your pan" so I can figure out if I will need to mod my dipstick they told me 7+ quarts. The "+" makes me wonder if 8 is too much. Not good clarification on their end.

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Our ALUM rear sump oil pans for the RB are 7 qts, but we recommend 6+ filter for everyone but drag racers with big HP then 7+ oil filter..

We have just added provisions for dip stick if you want it......




All made in the USA by Americans......

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