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So the deal on the -7's is probably going to fall through due to bad ebay seller. It's a long horrible story.

So that leads me to purchase the -5's or tomei m8260's. Which are the better turbos? I really can't find any reviews on the m8260's.

From what I've researched, its seems the bet for more affordable re-building comes with the Garrett -5's. The Tomei's are a re-packaged Garrett with spec mods but both perform nearly identical. Just a thought and an opinion. I've been looking at the same choices as you.

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So I lost an ebay bidding war for the tomei m8260's then pulled the plug on a new pair of the 2860r-5's. Now some injectors and get the f-con tuned. Are rc low impedance injectors a direct bolt in application (fit in the stock fuel rail and clips)? Also anyone have any experience with the obx turbo dump tubes. They separate the exhaust and wastegate gasses. The only other option I have found were the tomei but are overpriced for dump tubes.




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I purchased the obx dump pipes but the internal "bolt in" divider does not fit the -5's. They come with a small divider in the cast. Guess i will take out the divider and have the bolt holes welded and try running them. They have an internal diameter of 2.25 inches as the tomeis are 2.75. Although the obx are divided.

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