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What to do with my s30 vg30e?

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Hey everyone, looking for some advice here about my beloved 240 that I've had for over a year now. A little info, the 1971 240z was purchased with a vg30e and 5 speed manual. When I bought it, I didn't know a ton about the motor, but it looked very clean and has proven to be incredibly reliable. I drive the car a few times a week on the street. This car probably won't see much track time. I'm now looking at my options for a little more power. I recently considered getting a v8 240 but after test driving one that was way more power than I'll need (at least i think so)


Anyways, I've done some research and there doesn't seem to be much potential with the Vg30e. My goal would be somewhere around 200-220 at the wheels.


So now some of the options I've been considering are


1) build the motor and keep it NA. Possibly Rebello if they work on these.

2) look for a vg30et to swap in

3) look for a l28et to swap in


My question is which will be the most cost effective, most reliable, and easiest to do. I'm no mechanic so I can't do this work myself. I have a few mechanic friends who can help me, but I don't think they have extensive experience with these exact swaps. Any advice and opinions are appreciated. Also if there's any good options I'm missing please let me know. Thanks!



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There's a ton of potential with the VG30. Will not take hardly anything to reach your power goals with a VG30.   Keep the motor the same, and pick up a stock 84-87 300zx T3 Turbo/Manifold, Turbo Injectors/ECU, and have some fun. 


NA2T is quite a popular thing to do with the Z31, basically bolt turbo accessories on the NA motor, instant higher compression turbo motor. Just keep your boost levels around the stock range, and you'll be fine. Can run up towards ~10psi on stock turbo fuel without much worry of detonation, intercooler is always a good option as well.  


It's going to be quite difficult to get that power you want from a VG30 in N/A form, so I'd be going turbo swap for sure. 

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First, get the term "high compression" out of your vocabulary when dealing with any mass-market vehicle produced from 1975-1990 or thereabouts...
The ET has "low compression" -- artificially low from a conservative engineering standpoint. Swapping to or between E and ET models in the Nissan line is done with impunity.


220 is child's play with a VG30ET---I believe that was the stock rating. Even with the stock components, and a boost controller to bump to 10psi you're well within the safe range of the engine with the Z31 ET ECCS.


We're talking swapping injectors, ECU's, and some external bolt on components.

For the power goals you state, that's the quickest way to do itl Add an intercooler and bump the fuel pressure and 14psi is waiting for you...


If you want a 222HP N/A VG30...go find a Z32 and take that 222HP VG30DET and do another swap....lot more work, much tighter fit, no more gain than what you get going turbo over a weekend with the E to ET Swap.

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200HP for the 84-87 Z31 VG30ET, the 88-89 had a bump to 205. Compression ratio was 7.8:1 for the early ET, changed to 8.3:1 in 88 and they ran a smaller T25 turbocharger, with less boost pressure for quicker response.

The Z31 VG30E or N/A motor is 9.0:1 compression ratio.


Big difference from 7.8:1 and 9.0:1

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Big difference, but irrelevant to modern fuels, tuning methods, and knock detection/avoidance.


The biggest problem with swapping on the Z31 turbo components in the S30 is that the steering rod goes right through where the turbo is supposed to sit. You need to reroute the steering rod, or move the turbo. If you move the turbo, I'm not sure you can even get a relocation pipe on it, but I could be wrong. If that's the case, you'd need custom manifolds.


It's going to require custom fab one way or another.

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