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No power from turbo

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I have a 77 280z that I just turbo-ed and for some reason it feels slower than when I had headers on it. It seems to be faster when the car is not in boost (currently set to 10psi) and that it seems to slow down with boost.

Car details:

77 280z (California model)

Turbonetics T3/T4 .63ar 50 trim

Aluminum fuel rail

3" intercooler piping

55lb injectors


280zx turbo dizzy

280zx alternator swap

Fusible link upgrade to maxifuses

3" exhaust

240sx TB

Electric fans

MSD blaster 2 coil


I know I left it as a pretty vague but I just have no idea where to start or even what i need to check. I'll be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability.


Thanks for the help,


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Using MS1, forgot to put that. The tune is  slightly rich, 13ish afr, but i dont think thatll make it run mega slow


if you're referring to 13's under WOT, that's too lean.  Keep it safe around 12.   If it's not pinging at 13's but its still sluggish, it's probably not fuel related.   

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If you're talking about it building boost up hills....I'm going to throw out your lugging the engine and expecting power from 1,000 up, and not like a normal Z at 3,000 up. Boost on the turbo with an A/R of .63 won't happen WOT in any gear before 2,500-3,000 rpms and if you are 13:1 AFR out of boost you are losing off-boost performance as well.


You really need to post a data log of a pull so we can see your MAP/RPM/Timing along with AFR... Timing should be normal at zero MAP or in vacuum and NOT start retarding until you are actually making boost of 2-3psi.


The 13's over 4,500 is not an issue, you have to pull fuel quite a bit to make horsepower past peak torque. 12.8 or so below there with a bit more fuel around torque peak...


Can you put the car into 3rd gear at 45 mph, go WOT and make a data logged pull to near redline?

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