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Some work and some fun pics. I haven't had the fenders on the car in maybe a year and a half? I put them back on to mark bolt holes that were removed during rust replacement and to just check out the ongoing work and make sure it all lines up. I also had to reweld the tabs that hold the inspection plates, so the fenders, inspection plates, and cowling had to be in place and lined up. Next I added support bars under the fenders. Each end of the bars are welded to angle iron, and then the angle is welded to the body (like you would do a roll bar/cage). I've seen a couple build threads with those bars added, and I had the scrap that fit perfectly, so why not?









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So i'm jumping back in the saddle again. Nothing too major this time around, but started patching rust on the driver side front fender. I bought a panel from Tabco for this section. I'm not going to fix the minor rust on the inner fender by the tire, since that will be cut away for fender flares eventually. The last two pics is the fender back on the car and flipped upside down. It's a little easier to work on at that height. After it's welded in a little more solid I'm going to have to hammer the excess over the lip to match the factory seam. I've never done that before, so we'll see how it goes...








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