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aeromotiveinc phantom fuel system install

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I thought you might like to see the install pictures for the phantom kit from aeromotive in a 73 240z LT1 6spd



The only issue I have had with my LT1 install was the external fuel pumps for the fuel injection, I thought long and hard about cutting out the floor and adding a fuel cell, but in the end decided to modify the tank.

It was worth it and it now works PERFECTLY, the cheaper external fuel injection pumps make a terrible racket, the Mallory one was quiet but started to leak after attending the Carlisle car show a year ago so the car just sat whilst I worked on the house.


Some basic notes, 10ga wire, -6an feed and return, tank etch primed inside after using rust eater and then painted - very impressed with the product from summit although you need patience sloshing the three stages around. The actual connections to the unit require O rings, not regular AN fittings which is a pain when you don't read that part of the instructions initially and find you can't hook it up for a few more days :)


For me cutting the tank was done outside after it sitting empty for almost a year, I ran the shop vac though it for 20 min prior and during to ensure it was vented, I wore full body armor ;) welding jacket, full face grinding shield, gloves etc but it was a non event with a thin cutting disk and lines marked out with blue painter tape it was easy.


Watch out for the top breather when you weld it, that is soldered in so weld very small sections at a time and let it cool or it will come off in your hand.


If I were to do it again I would have added another 1/2 " to the height of the cutout to give more clearance to the rails, it works just fine but looks unprofessional becaseu a manufacturer would have given more clearance. I lost a couple of the rubber pads for the top of the tank but McMasterCarr sell rubber strips that can be trimmed as perfect replacements - I use medium hard and it feels just like the original.


This works like stock, it is silent, the car starts much more quickly, with the mallory you would hear it spin and then the car would start.






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Nice, I'm ready to do the same modification with the same fuel setup. My tank has been sitting for about 3 months. My aeromotive kit came with additional rubber pads to install on the top of the tank, however I am planning on modifying the tank just as you have. It protects the connections and makes it easy to service.

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6 hours ago, theBrit said:

The system is flawless, I also ran larger fuel lines etc, just be carefull aligning the fuel level sender as rotating the unit can make the arm touch the yellow foam baffle


+1 on that, mine runs flawless as well. Only difference is I am not running the stock sending unit. I have the speedhut sending unit in the top beside the aeromotive unit.

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