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wheel fitment question with S12W and ZG flares....

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Hello,  I'm almost ready to get my 71 240Z on the road after some brake/suspension and ZG flare mod.


So I have a concern and hopefully someone with a similar (or exact) setup can chime in and help me out.  I want to purchase a new set of wheels from Watanabe but I'm not sure if the wheels I want will clear the front caliper as well as wheels fitting within the wheel wells of ZG flares without sticking out. 


The specific wheel sizes I want are F: 15x9 -13 offset and R: 15x10 -25 offset.  I just installed a S12W front caliper upgrade with Arizona Z Car coilover setup ( with camber plates).  The front control arms are currently stock with poly bushings.  The rear is stock Drum brakes with Arizona Z Car coilover setup (with camber plates) and TTT adjustable rear control arms.  I will also have Marugen Shokai OEM spec ZG flares.


Will this wheels sizes fit without any issues (both front and rear)? I have a feeling the rear could fit.... but for the front do I have to go narrower and possibly add a spacer to clear the calipers?  Any help is much appreciated.

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I have the 16x9 -15 rota grids on my car with toyo 4x4 calipers, I went with solid rotors. I haven't had issues with it. Running 245 50 front with 255 50 rears and zg flares. You have way better set up then I so in theory I feel it would be fine. I did use a 1/4 spacer in the rear just for the look of it to be closer to flare tho. So completely for looks.

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I ended up going with the Star Road Glow Star wheels. 15x9 -28 offset and 15x10 -28 offset. A-disk fronts and O-disk rears. Fitment is good with ZG flares and Toyota calipers. Fronts can be spaced out 10-15mm to flush it out more but the rear is completely filled to the edge of the flares with -3 degree camber.


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