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Finally registered and on the road!!.....kind of

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It only took 7 years!  


Only problem is, about a mile down the road from the inspection station (local chevy dealer btw) my heater hose blows off (heater core is deleted) and spews coolant all over the place  :o  Luckily I have a mechanical water temp gauge in the manifold and an electrical one at the thermostat housing so I instantly recognized what was going on and shut it off quickly with no damage.  In the panic ensued scan of the engine bay I actually missed that the hose was clear off the nipple at the manifold.  It wasn't until my second scan when I calmed down a little bit that I noticed it.  Turns out the clamp was completely loose (filled the block through this hose) and I obviously missed it after I changed out the water pump.  Refilled the system and tightened the clamp and had the wife follow me back to the house with no issues.


All in all, I had a huge smile on my face while getting the car inspected and an even bigger one while driving it!  Can't wait to work the little bugs out and start enjoying the Z.

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I have a theory that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE either had one in college, had a friend with one in college, or high school or something, and they did ALL SORTS of wild things, like smoking corvettes (yeah right, with a stock engine??.....)  and picking up chicks (again, where are you going to put them?  Unless you have a 2+2, then they'd still better be a midget!).

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