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280zx n/a to turbo


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Hey Zers!


Well its come time to turn my stroker 280zx into a stroker turbo..right now i have 10:1 CR. I plan to install forged J.E Dished pistons and a 2.5mm HG. this should bring my comp down to a low enough leval to turbo charge.my biggest concern is going with an aftermarket EFI..im running tripple 44 mikunis right now.im thinking of using the N42 non-EGR intake manifold and a 70mm TB.greedy boost controller.Megasquirt 2,MSD 6-2.t3/t4 turbo,720cc injectors.blow off valve/waste gate etc..im wondering what sensors are needed to use megasquirt for my fuel control only.am i able to use MS for fuel only and use MSD 6 for my spark control? if this works,can someone please give me a short write up as to how to go about setting this up.im pretty new to EFI as i grew up with carbs (and im 21). Please,any insight on this would be great.

P.S- I plan to run 17-20lb boost MAX!


                         thanks~ Randall

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Strip out the venturis of the Mikuinis, buy some screw in injector bungs and put them in your existing manifold, make a matching Fuel Rail, and buy the TPS Adaptor for the Mikuni Body, and run what you already have. 


There are articles in Japanese Magazines doing this on dyno tested engines to see what they get, and they always get more! And the look in the engine bay is awesome. tone down the Injector Manifold and injectors painting them black and it looks like a vacuum rail... everything looks like your carbs are running, not EFI!

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Now, about this:


"im pretty new to EFI as i grew up with carbs (and im 21)."


Uh, I'm 50 as of Friday. I grew up in the UP of Michigan. I truly grew up on carbs, and saw the transition to universal EFI. I watched domestics cling to old technology and imports embrace change. 


If you really did grow up on carbs, you would be RUNNING to EFI! I would NOT recommend turbo on your Mikunis, regardless of your 'growing up on carbs' comment. I would, however highly recommend the turbo blow-through ITB setup I describe in the prior post. The fueling will be FAR easier than with carbs. Search on Blowthrough Mikunis, and you will see! (You don't HAVE to go to EFI when you go turbo, but I'd highly recommend it!)

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