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Twin cam head for the L6 from Derek at Datsunworks


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Went and picked up the casting yesterday. Looks great. No surprises. I checked the shrink rate when I got back and my edumicated guess appears to have been good. I was off by .015" or so on the total length which for this size casting is not too bad. keep in mind trying to measure a casting is like trying to measure a rock.


Just to give you an idea how cool 3D sand printing is here is a shot of the part number and name.




Unfortunately that's the only one you'll see like that as that area is going to be where the new water outlets will be. 

Not a lot of clear exterior area for branding!



Met with the shop yesterday that will be doing the automotive end of the machining. He didn't see any obvious issues which was good news.


I should have some rough pricing soon. I'm waiting for cam core prices. That will give you a more complete picture.


So the next step is to make a plastic mockup of the head. I'll machine it as far as I need to to feel comfortable with the strategy. Which at this point will be most of the way.


The worst part is I only have one 4th axis and it's making money for the next few days so I'm on severe hold :(  I hate when work gets in the way of fun.

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Head casting pricing.


Some will be happy.

Some will be sad.

And so it goes:)


Well I was trying to get a more complete picture for you but unfortunately I don't have cam pricing yet. And I'm not a big enough fish to push.


The head casting, valve cover and front cover UN-MACINED is going to be $4500.00. 


My ESTIMATE for machining the parts to the point that an automotive machinist can finish it is going to be in the $500.00 range. I'm counting on being able to fire and forget on the machining. This should be doable based on the fact I'm printing the cores. If I have to stand over it the whole time it will double for sure. I'll have a handle on that after I machine the first one.


Every head casting will be X-rayed and impregnated. Impregnation is a processes where the casting is put under a vacuum and a sealant leaches into the pores. 


Not in this is the intake manifold. I'll obviously be offering one but I haven't had time to draw it up to get pricing.



If you think you are going to want one of these then by all means PM me. The more people we have on board in the beginning the better.




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This is fascinating and I hope it works.  But is it really that simple to draw up a head on a computer, cast it, machine it, and have it work correctly right off the bat?  A scan of the exterior of an existing head doesn't show internals that may have been designed to distribute and accommodate loads, in use and cooling/heating cycling.  I would imagine that in the automotive world, there would be many trials, tests, failures, and redesigns before the final product was locked in.  Seems like someone's going to need to offer up a test engine, and break a few heads before this is done.



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But is it really that simple to draw up a head on a computer, cast it, machine it, and have it work correctly right off the bat?


But it is what I do for a living. So there's that. The internals are very close to the K20 with extra meat in a few areas. Honda tries to save every gram for production costs as well as vehicle weight. Me, not so much. Thicker combustion chamber, thicker bottom surface, larger radius on the fillets, every head x-rayed, every head impregnated, etc etc. 


But you certainly bring up a valid point so don't think I'm dismissing you. All I can do is bring everyone along every step of the way and it's a journey we'll take together. The one that goes on my car may be the last and that's ok too!




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Can I put my CV in for the Head Impregnation Job?


Even at 50 (as of today), I can still probably do 5 heads a day manually, but I'll need the weekends off... You supply the 'industrial videos'...


I could use the extra money to buy it.


Hell, looks like the head I started talking about THREE years ago will be a reality before the manifold I bought and paid for two years ago...

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If only someone would let us section an FIA Head.... Those are Tasty! I know where several LY's NIB sit...they were quoted 35,000 Euros for the replication.

$5,000 American? "I'll take six!"





Uh... well... you know what I mean...

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Happy birthday you old fart! Welcome to the club.


Wait a minute isn't it tomorrow where you're at? Or is it yesterday where I'm at.

7AM 26 September Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia

Last port of refuge of the President's Yacht, The USS Houston and the Lost Battalion.



Waitaminit, you're over 50? JeffP is close... Oh hell, "Old White Guys" are doing speed parts again! 


Imagine that!

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