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'78 280z fuel filler hose nightmare

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Hi All,

I need a fuel filler hose for a '78 280 Z. I'm stuck on a rack at a garage and mechanic can't find one. Mechanic says the one he did find was a year off, '77, '79, who knows, says he can't remember. He said it was 1/4 inch shy of making a good connection (!?)
I can't get smogged (CA) without one. I tried buying the only one that looked like it would fit from ebay, but the seller said it was sold a long time ago <grrr>. There is one more at ebay, but even though seller says it's for '77-'78 here, it doesn't look right compared to mine (attached). It looks more like pics i've seen for earlier 280Z's. A '78 hose has some weird bends in it.
I emailed MSA (out of stock, but running it by them anyway). I've hunted online, but no luck.
Does anyone out there have any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks much




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Scotchbrite, Lacquer Thinner, Shoe Goo, and some Armor All.... does wonders fer ya!


thnx, yeah, or airplane gas tank repair goop i heard, ran those by mech, too, he frowned and said sure, maybe, but then in a year i'll be replacing it again and then i'll charge you more because this job took way longer than i thought. he's sticking with his original estimate, he's a good guy...

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Well, I tried to mimic your pictures




But now that I spent 5 minutes cleaning it up. I'm going to have to charge you $200 + shipping like the one on eBay. Which by the way is the wrong one.


Just kidding. Still the same offer




Major props to dangerdan for bailing me out of predicament! A good egg! Thank you...

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