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83 280zxt needs fixing/ upgrades.

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I got a 83 280zxt 5spd with 133k.. 


It has a bad turbo and ecu..


Its all stock and still runs, but very poorly and not driveable at all.. chugs and pops in intake, carbons up plugs.


Has new plugs and wires, new chts, good spare afm, and tps.. tried swapping those and no difference.. ( this is before discovery of bad turbo and ecu)


I have the option of buying a t3/t4 turbo from someone locally and he also has a 83 zxt ecu outve a working car. 


Since the t3/t4 isnt stock is there future things im going to have to buy to compensate the upgrade? 


Im new to turbo cars and understand the basic functions but need help overall on how to safely upgrade this car. 


Did a compression test on this motor too and it had 20psi differences across the board. .. not the best but not too shabby.



any input on how to help is greatly appreciated. Thankyou. 

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bought a t3 t4 turbo.. like new condition. 


also scored a good ecu for the car outve a running 83 zxt. 


turbo came from same car.. it ran great.. driveline removed due to owner of that project wanting to do a v8 project of some kind



What else should i get to safely run the new turbo i have.. definately want intercooler but not sure what to go with just yet.. still contimplating but i am motivated and eager to hear opinions and what ppl run on their car builds. 



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