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Messed up Injector?

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I'm rebuilding an l28et and noticed this injector looks off. At least the cap is missing, maybe more. Is it toast? I can't find anything to reference what it should look like without the cap. Thanks in advance.






And a different injector for reference:



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Does your camera have a close-up function?  Can't really see in there.  It does look odd, but it might just be designed for shooting stream instead of a cloud.  You could have posted pictures of the other injectors for reference.  Or a shot of the injector body since that's about the only way to tell the Z and Zx injectors apart, by color.  Aftermarket has number/letter codes though, so those would tell something.


Really, you haven't given much of a clue.  Basically, a picture of a metal tube and some seals.  The one that doesn't matter, #3, looks like a Standard brand FJ series,  If it was NA for a 280Z it would be an FJ707T.

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Sorry, got some better pictures with a better camera. Hopefully these help.


Bodies of the injectors all seem to be the same. The one I'm holding off the rail is the one that seems to be messed up somehow. These injectors are for a 280ZX Turbo.


Body of possibly messed up injector:




Bodies of a couple other injectors still on the rail. The remaining 4 on the rail all look the same on the outside and inside:




Inside of questionable injector:






Inside of what seems to be a normal injector:







They're tough to photograph but I did my best.

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Some of those look like Standard brand aftermarket injectors.  If you don't know how old they are or what condition they're in you should probably get them checked or check them yourself.  Fill some Coke bottles while they sit on top of the engine.  You'll see how it sprays then.





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Figured out what the setup is. All of them have been replaced I think, 5 of them are standard motor products fj23 (correct for turbo models) but one of them is a different model. Not sure which but the serial number is different from the other 5. The messed up one is one of the fj23s. I suspect the mismatched one is an NA injector so I'm going to replace that one and the messed up one so they all match.


At least then I'll know I have a set of 6 matching model injectors before I go any further with testing, etc.

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