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Another slow progress dream car build

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This will be my first attempt at an official build thread, as well as my first time trying out photobucket to add pictures so stick with me please. (Pic Heavy)


First off I am Grayson, a 17 year old from the east coast, you know that place that breeds rusty cars. Last year I explored a dirt road I was always curious about and managed to find this "gem" Screenshot_2014-09-07-13-29-26_zpsti8fei

We managed to pick it up for $800 (having no idea what the hell we were getting into) It was rusty, of course but also came with about 5 boxes full of replacement parts.

That picture is the day we got it delivered to our shop and right before I started tearing it apart. WARNING these next pictures may bring back bad memories but the rust is an evil we have all dealt with;





Surprisingly the battery tray area was fine  :willy_nil The rear hatch area did have some pretty bad places though 


Rust aside because we have all seen it, felt it, hell probably tasted it at some point. 

Me and my dad (who hates this car) got the floor pans replaced along with the rocker panels but I don't really have a good picture of them after they're installed


We did actually manage to get the stock L26 to run after sitting for 5 years I think. Just took a new battery and new fuel line but we had to cut it off due to it spraying fuel on the battery and windshield


Thats me that says "woahhh what" and then Jared in the blue jacket with the 13 "woahs" and my friend Mitch in the car.

Thinking back on it now I seriously should have just got the l26 back in good condition and driven it like that but I'm a young arrogant teenager so f##k society I bought a 2JZ


I picked it up from Mitch for $400 which I felt was a good deal given the fact he was also going to help me with installing it and the wiring he owns two 1jzgte VVT-I swapped Toyota Cressidas.

I started getting into areas where I was unsure about the Datsun so I foolishly sold the oil pan for the JZ thinking I would need a new one anyway. The one I had was the rear-sump from an SC300 that I needed.


I sold everything for the oil system for a incredibly stupid/low $170 pic related http://s1375.photobucket.com/user/gsullens37/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_168456223304030_zpso1sdwvox.jpeg.html?sort=3&o=33

But no big deal I still need to hit up the local pull a part for a crank shaft/ full rotating assembly and now the oilpan     :bonk: Live and learn I guess.

I did manage to score the hookup on a turbo charger for $free.50 so I'll eat the cost of the new oilpan. My dad works on TigerCat machines which are equipped with massive Cummins turbodiesel engines which are in turn equipped with Holset turbos


Pictured are two turbos; left is an HX40w and right is a much smaller HX35


Since I am going to have the turbo on the passenger side I figured why the hell not have a fender exit (this is still highly under consideration) I still have the L26 in there for now but the white circle is approximately 3.5-4" that I will eventually cut out and run the downpipe through



Our local law enforcement is the complete opposite of strict about exhaust so problems shouldn't really arise there (I hope  :confused2)

That pretty much covers actual progress so now onto the plans.

I'm still looking for fenders in better condition and ran across these two babies 


But the owner is in the process of restoring the 260z but said he would sell the 280zx for a pretty low price. I had to strongly resist the urge to trade him 260z parts and money for the 280. Priorities priorities.

I also just got a new DD in the form of 1995 Toyota/Lexus luxury. Gotta say this is my favorite car ever strongly recommend the LS400 to anyone who needs 4 doors for more whores (or children/family)


We also just got back from a trip to Arizona which I gotta say is probably my favorite place to visit. Blah blah blah pictures from the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Las Vegas





Super fun trip If you get the chance to head west see those three things. And keep an eye out for Datsuns, THEY WERE EVERYWHERE.

That's pretty much all for today. More to come hopefully tomorrow in the form of JZ parts. To all who have read this far thanks and please return! 

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