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I have an 87 300zx turbo that is having some running problems, I'm not sure if it is all related or not. 


Cold Starts:

Cranks over, fires a few cylinders, then dies. This will repeat for a few times but eventually it'll start then keep on running. 


Once running/warm starts:

hesitation/misfire all over the rpm range. 


I thought the problem was ignition, so I replaced the cap,rotor,wires,and plugs. Didn't Fix the problem. 


Anyone have Ideas?



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update.... now the car won't even run. I tried starting it this morning and it'll just fire on a few cylinders then quit.


I can hear the pump prime the system when the ignition is on, and also keep on running for a few seconds after the engine dies. 



had it for about a week now. bought it off of a guy who didn't  know much about cars. Problems were the same with him. 


I'm going to check the fuel pressure/ filter and rail and see whats going on. I'm thinking that it primes the system, runs, fuel pressure drops, then it dies.... sound logical?

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