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Plug and Play Dapper Lighting LED Tails (NEW VIDEO)

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We're back again. This time we're working on LED boards for S30/S130. We are still feeling this out but have a manufacturer locked down.


What you will get:


-A direct plug and play retrofit LED board for your tail lights.

-User selectable sequential patterns

-Plug and play

-Upgradable Programming

-Includes flasher module

-Lifetime warranty.

-100% waterproof boards


What I need from you guys:

-Are all s30 tail lights the same?

-Are all s130 tail lights the same?


We need sample tail lights for each type we produce. Is anyone willing to send us an extra set in exchange for a discount?


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For S30's there are 2 different types of tail lights. One style for the 240z/260z and another style for late260z/280z. Most have clear reverse lights and Red lenses for everything else with the exception of some rare examples that have amber turn signal lenses. 


My car originally had 280z tails but I replaced them with the 240z style as my originals were in poor condition.












I won't be using my car for the winter so I should be able to send you my current 240z taillights if you need them.

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S130 / 280zx taillights.


On the left is the 1979-1981 tail lights. On the right is the 1982-1983 taillights. They can be swapped between years, so long as the backing plate is also swapped with them. Wiring is the same, just the shape and orientation of e bulbs change.


I have a set of 1979-1981 taillights to send in. I have a friend Ryosuke Ansai that has the 1982/1983 taillights that would probably send his to you also.


Also a company called KLEARZ, produces taillight and side-marker lenses for 240-280zx cars. Www.klearz.com


-Will Hayward


You know I have your black V2 projectors, who better than to hook me up with your newest 280zx part?



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Appreciate all the offers guys. And thanks to those that have sent lenses. We're still looking for 280zx lenses. I'm going to start the interest list to get an idea of how many we're looking at producing on the first run.


We're shooting for <$275 a set and as you guys know, we only sell cool stuff so these should be pretty bad ass.


Naming system so we don't get confused.

Early 240/260 -  Z1

Late 260/280 - Z2

Early 280zx - Z3

Late 280zx - Z4



1. 88dangerdan - Z1

2. Nullbound -Z2

3. 280zx1981 - Z4

4. Chemicalblue - ?

5. R2l - ?

6. Thapimpshrimp - Z1

7. NgoZ - Z2

8. Nelsonian - Z1

9. torqen2k1 - Z2

10. Domzs - Z3 or Z4

11. Marine1342 - Z2

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