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78 280Z VK45/M122

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Having a little trouble with pictures, but I built this neat little....big...spoiler the other day. I'll eventually make some billet hinges for it, and some not-cheap adjusting rods, but I dig the look of it. Before you say anything keep in mind that a) it isn't finished. B) I know it's way too big to be practical in the production of downforce vs drag. C) I like it, so I'm not really bothered by anyone's negatime opinion, so don't bother with one. But. If anyone has any legitimate insight into the effectiveness of said part, I would love to hear some. I've buzzed over the wind tunnel analysis thread a few times, but I've only read about bre style spoilers. Haven't seen any articles on smaller adjustable/fabricated spoilers, but I haven't looked particularly hard either. If it will look cool and kill some rear end lift I can live with a little drag. Once the car is built I'll be primarily using it as a daily/mountain basher, so I doubt a little drag will bother a 650+whp 2800lb car at slightly higher than highway speeds. Bottom line, I like it. But hey, if somebody wants a smaller one, or one with a different shape, or standoffs for a big wang, hit me up. I drew and cut this one by hand, but can easily draw things on bobcad and waterjet or plasma cut them.







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