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Megasquirt 2jz

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I will be doing this swap soon, Mine is with a 2JZGE Engine and adding a turbo to it. Your Megasquirt options that i know of:


Megasquirt 2 is setup to read a 36-1 wheel out of the box. So i am going to use a 36-1 crank trigger wheel bolted to my crank pulley/harmonic balancer. sensor, Ford EDIS 6 box and ford coil pack. I dont want to solder anything into my Megasquirt box, its been working great for 7 years, no need to mess it up.


You can solder coil drivers and or ignitors into your megasquirt box and then download the latest firmware to get you going for a coil on plug setup.


Ms3 will read everything, all the 2JZG Distributor and 2JZGTE cam/crank sensors, i think they are 24-1 or 24-2


Hope that helps you out. Also join clublexus. Browse the SC300/400 performance section tons of info to help us out. I have been reviewing posts for a few months now.

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 DIYautotune also released a few new PNP ecu's for the 2JZ. If you have all of the toyota harness it should be fairly simple wiring if you went that route.


"MegaSquirtPNP Pro is here! Our latest release is based on the MS3-Pro and fits the '93-98 Toyota Supra Turbo. Other MegaSquirt PNP models include:"





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Good information everybody! Does anyone know where you can source gte pistons and rods? I heard titan had them brand new for 300 bones but I couldnt find them.. and thanks for pointing me towards the base map matt, Ive seen that 240 dyno vid and she ran pretty good! Id love to swap the 2j into my datsun sometime this upcoming year but I gotta get her in road worthy condition first and hopefully by then someone with have the mount situation figured out!

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