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L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters


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Hey Guys, 


I have been working on a L28 - Z33 transmission adapter.  I wanted to start a thread here to check on the current interest level so I can prioritize some of my projects (Working on L28 intake, LS2 mounting kit, In-Tank EFI pump setup, and this adapter!)


These transmissions are strong, plentiful, and reasonably priced used or available new if you have the funds.  The transmissions are close ratio and the shifting feel is awesome.  The updated version with the most reobust syncros is a CD009 but they will all bolt up using the same adapter.  The initial goal for the setup is to provide a mounting kit that allows for a VQ35DE 6 Speed transmission to bolt directly to the L28 with minimal modification to the transmission (no machining).  This is accomplished with an adapter plate, precision flywheel spacer, starter bellhousing, shifter relocator, and various hardware.  The resulting kit will be a little more expensive due to the additional parts but the ease of installation I think will be work it.  I am confident I can do a 'machined' version similar to the Z32 setup but I wanted to start the first prototypes as the no-machine design and analyze the setup from there. Right now the L28 clutch and flywheel will be used, but I have considered doing a custom flywheel which would eliminate the spacer and allow for a 350z clutch to be used but I think the cost would be prohibitive. 


Current Project Status: 

- L28 block and Z33 bellhousing mounting patterns and center lines were measured very accurately using a vertical milling center and a CMM. 

- Initial CAD is complete

- RP starter adapter printed and test fit with success

- Laser cut blanks for the initial prototype have been procured and are at the machine shop.

- First machined prototype expected to be cut this week!


I hope to have a complete kit ready to test by the end of the year and will then look for somebody who is interested in volunteering to have the transmission installed in their vehicle and then test it out! I have serial projects going on right now but I hope the timeline for this doesn't get bumped too much. The main issue that I foresee right now is the overall transmission length even with my shifter relocator (that is used for VQ35 swaps) I believe the shifter will sit a few inches back,  when I get the assembly together I will measure the shifter position and get a good feel for the difference from stock.  


I've attached a few pictures and look forward to hearing any thoughts or feedback. FWIW I post the most recent updates for project on my facebook page and then my website as I have time. 










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Oh wow, sounds very interesting. I will be keeping an eye on this project. I had no idea you had a Facebook page.. time to go like it. 

I've been looking back at your l28et stuff recently, and was drooling over the intercooler setup that came from you currently in the for sale section. 

Let's see if I can source a good Z33 transmission around here....

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I had a quick peek at your new website and noted a LS2/T56 swap project in the works, so I feel less

odd asking, but what about the same concept using the T56?  A custom friction disk would be required,

and perhaps a pilot bushing, both of which can be sourced far easier than a custom bell housing or

adapter for the L6 (unless someone with the right skill is interested). 

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Dan, Its interesting you mention the T56, as many guys with LS motors are swapping it out for the Nissan CD transmission, check out Collins adapters.  The T56 is very expensive used compared to the CD009 transmission which can be had NEW for the same price as a used T56.  From my standpoint it would be be harder are more expensive to adapt although very doable as many people have done so but it takes custom work.  The CD trans got an initial bad rap due to some syncro issues from the earlier years however the 009 version has proven to be bullet proof and hold very high power (more then anything I have seen from a L28).


Thanks for posting the ratios NewZed,  I have added the Z32 ratios for comparison (The pdf is more clear if you want to download it).  First gear is very short and may require a lower diff like a 3.54 or 3.36 for the drag racing guys.  I am running the VQ35DE and 6 speed transmission in my car with a 3.7 rear.  First is short but I like the acceleration with N/A, and you're right the driving feel is great, shifting is very direct and the trans is smooth.  I have had the earlier, none CD009, transmissions in my 350z and my 240z and haven't had any issues with them. 


Ill keep everyone posted on the progress.  

Z32 Ratios.pdf


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You know your market but I would have thought that the five speed Z32 box, which is still available new and in improved form, would be a better choice. One thing I've wondered about is if the lower fifth gear from a Patrol gearbox would fit, for racing the standard Z32 fifth gear is too high. Current Z32 box is a good one, improved syncros for starters.

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Hey Guys, 



will there be a way to retain the stock speedo cable setup?

No I dont believe using your stock speedo will be an option, either a GPS or drive shaft pickup will be required.


You know your market but I would have thought that the five speed Z32 box, which is still available new and in improved form, would be a better choice. One thing I've wondered about is if the lower fifth gear from a Patrol gearbox would fit, for racing the standard Z32 fifth gear is too high. Current Z32 box is a good one, improved syncros for starters.

Yes the Z32 5 speed is a great box.  I designed an adapter for this a few years back and still produce them.  If you are interested in one they are available through my webstore.  That being said I also see this CD adapter as potentially a better overall layout, and while the current Z32 adapter has worked great I may explore updating the Z32 design to match!



I know you said you were doing the shifter re locator but how well is that coming? I would love to be able to keep the stock console.

I'm really interested in this! I think this will be the best mod for the Z yet.

I have already deigned and produce a shifter mount that many people use for VQ swaps,  it moves the shifter forward by a little over 4".  My transmission is apart right now but once the adapter plate arrives I will be bolting everything together and can check the stack up.  Moving it further forward I think is feasible but will require some work,  I have not started on a new design but will once I determine if it is required. I've attached a picture of the current mount.




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will there be a way to retain the stock speedo cable setup?


Sorry for intruding, but the cars that use these transmissions (350-370 and their infiniti counterparts) use the wheel speed sensor for speed readings.  So unfortunately you won't be able to, you'll can use a driveshaft pick up unit (mount a magnet on the driveshaft, and a sensor picks up the reading, but has to be programmed), or you can use a GPS speedo, or a GPS unit to speedo.  Autometer makes the GPS unit to speedo, but only works on electronic units (so cable driven doesn't apply).


Also, be careful, the CD003 (early units) have issues with synchros (but are known for holding good power) and generally go for about 300-500.  The CD0009 (the good one) cones in two different flavors.  1) for 05-06 350z/G35, and 2)Late 350z (07-08), 370z, and G37.


The main difference between the two is the early and late CD0009 is mainly the the external slave and internal slave.  There are also a few minute differences (the input shaft is 10mm SMALLER on late units).  Ideally you want the external slave version, if you use the internal slave portion, you'll have to come up a few things to make it work (Colin's adapter already makes a kit for this though, but you'll have to shell out an additional 400 bucks).


However, you can purchase a CD0003, and upgrade to an early CD0009, you will need a few things from the them though; Clutch forks, pilot bearing, shifter, shifter tripod linkage thing are all different.  Slave cylinder, and driveshaft are the same though. 


Same deal with the late/early CD0009, the driveshaft is the same, and the shifter SHOULD be the same, but I'm not sure, as most do not OPT to go this route, but Nissan did fix the issues with between the early and late CD0009's too.  Early CD0009's have an issue with 5 and 6 gear grind, and they fixed it on the late CD0009's.


As a shameless plug for my information I do have a CD-series transmissions for sale.  I have a late CD0009 and a CD0003 for anyone who wants to purchase them.  I do get these transmissions pretty often though as they are a good option for 2jz fellas since you can do the entire swap for the cost of just the Gertrag trans


Also, the main reason to use any of these transmission is: 1) gearing is amazing, 2) are readily available, 3) have been known to hold about 1000 HP :)

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