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San Diego - Corbeau Seat w/ slider and harness

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Corbeau seat (not sure which model) that I had mounted in the passenger side of my 240z. Not in the best of condition, but it could be cleaned up. Fit well...just barely touched door panel, I believe. Includes adjustable slider. NOT SHIPPING. $50 is a good deal, right? 


I also have a Corbeau four-point harness that you can take for $20.







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Thanks for the seat! I don't know what your plans were for the new seat but if you need a stock bracket to weld it onto I've got one you can have


Should be good, thanks though! I'll let you know first if/when I'm ready to get rid of the other seat. 



Wish I would have seen this sooner I am in San Diego let me know if he does not pick them up 9256393208


 Gone. Sorry, dude!

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