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Swiss two-become-one 240Z Ground up restauration / JDM mods

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Yeah it has been way too long since a last project update. The garage is still far from done, but it's slowly getting there (more on that in an other post). Last week i got the EK9 in it's new home. Finally:

So i think it's time to carefully crank up the "Fairlady Z" project again...
What better way to re-start a project than buying new tools? exactly :) Got myself some air tools like a rattle gun and tire filler tool with Manometer.

And a little extension  hose drum too :)

In order to make some space in the new garage, i decided to put the ole L24 on the motorstand instead of having it on that old wheel on the little dolly which is quite unpractical.

To do so i had to take of the clutch. thanks to the new rattle gun, this was a piece of cake:

So i had her lifted on the engine stand:

Tadaa... looks much more professional and is way more practical too :)

And while at it anyway i decided to remove the old fan clutch and fan blades too:

Here we go...

Hoping for more news again soon. still a lot of other work in the house / workshop / garage, but i see some light at the end of the tunnel :)

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Finally, a lifsign from the bodyshop. Nothing big. but the little update came along a promise that he will contune work on the car again soon. which makes me quite a bit happy. Today he got the brackets for the rear bumper sandblasted, so i assume the plan is to get the rear valance welded back on the car soon:




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Good news. My bodyshop guy is back at work with my car. First he welded back the sandblasted rea bumper mounting brackets:

Then the inside of the trunk floor got sanded and painted with rust protection:

Before the rear lower valance got fitted and welded back in blacke. Finally i got a rear end again. Wow ❤️ Next week the spare tire wheel well should go back in, before work on the left rear quarter starts :) This should go faster compared to the left side, since i have a complete NOS quarter panel and it doesn't have a fuel filler neck ;)

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After a long time i got some parts for my Z-project again.
The first item is a book about Yutaka "Mr. K Katayama". Some people think that his role with the Z is a bit overrated by the average media. But since the book is written originally by Japanese Takashi Ashikawa  in japanese and has been translated since. i guess there might be more truth behind it than the average glorifying of Mr. K.
I haven't read a single word so i have to dive into it first befor i can say anything more..


It might sound repetitive but the coolest things i tend to find when i don't look for them. I have seen the "competition" steering wheel for sale in the usual Z-specialist shops but i never planned to buy one. Unti recently one popped up new for a good price in a local secondhand website.DSC_0123-Kopie.jpg

It even came with the Japanese "fairlady Z" Horn button. A bit of research before purchase revealed that this is most probably one of the pretty good JDM-car-parts replica items based on an original Mold (o a mold from an original competition steering wheel). Anyhow the quality is outstanding and it's nice to have!

And here some siza comparison shots take next to the original "fake wood" steering wheel
of my 1972 Z's:
DSC_0124-Kopie.jpg DSC_0125-Kopie.jpg


Those "competition" steering wheels were introduced (to my knowledge) years after the original S30 was released (back then a different steering wheel was optionally available) but has sine been a popular mod on the 240Z and or Fairlady Z with prices for original ones skyrocketing. As far as i know t his has also been sold for the "Hakosuka" skyline but with different horn buttons. I'm not 100% sure but i believe to remember that there was even a second version of this steering wheel which was deeper. but i might be wrong.
Here's a shot from the 1979 Nissan sports option catalogue:

After all it's a really nice piece to have so i'm happy with my purchase :)

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Just another update from my Metal-wizard. The driver side lower frame has been cutout

A new piece has been fabricated

And now it's back in. I guess the next big part will be the LH rear quarter and inner wheel well.. I'll go to have a closeup look soon :)

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Well yeah, i have yet another two new books to add to my ever evolving list of Z-related books i have to read and translate when i find some time.
1) Fairlady Z Story and history, Vol. 1 - The 50th Anniversary Chronicles.
A book about the history of the Z including the development

It contains some backgroundinformation. for example about road testing in America:

And some of the racing cars. I've just been flicking through it yet, but it seems it seems to focus on the car globally with pictures showing old woking station, american race cars but also the japanese. so this might be an interessteing one :)

2) Japanese masterpiece series [Vol.12] - Nissan Fairlady
This book is actually a bit older (released in August 1973).

The cool thing is, it contains some backgronud information but also a lot of nice drawings and technical information about the different version. as shown below.

Still have to read it as well, but they seem to be (aside from the factory books) some of the more promising and serious books i bought. But i still have to prove my initial feelings about them :)

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