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Leather dashboard cover...anyone??

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In the middle of installing my leather dash cover.  It definitely takes a lot of time and effort, but I hope it will be worth it in the end.  Spent time preparing the old dash and then began stretching out the openings for the center gauges with drinking glasses.  Then I used soup cans wrapped in rags to stretch to final shape and hold the leather in place while the glue dried. I'm starting from the center and working my way out. 


If there is enough interest I will keep posting progress.






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Okay, I will continue to post updates.  I found an early image where I just placed the cover over the dash.  Here you can see that it really needs a lot of work.  For some reason the openings for the center gauges aren't even the same size, with the one on the right clearly larger than the other two.  If you look at the stock dash there is a lot or curvature around this area, so it takes a lot of stretching and forming to get it to even come close.  In the end I don't think there is enough material to get the leather to make it all the way back to where the center gauges sit in the openings, so I will probably still have to deal with this somehow.  There are no openings or provisions whatsoever for the glovebox lock mechanism (my car is a 73 with the lock above the glovebox itself), or the hazard switch.  although there are funnels for the speedo and tach, I think there will be a lot of forming and stretching to be done here as well to get it to look right.


So there is a lot of work ahead...


The console was much easier, but I'm hoping in the end it will be all worth it.


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I believe a portable steamer could be used to make the skin more temporarily pliable and stretched into place. I have seen them in dry cleaners and alteration shops as well as on some of the fabrication car shows.

Yes, using a steamer would be the best solution. I've just been using a little spray bottle with water, and so far it seems to do the trick.
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I made a lot of progress. Still need to do a few more things, but it's getting close. I included a couple of close-ups around the clock so you can see there really isn't enough material to get all the way to the center gauges. It really isn't easy to notice, and I had to turn on the flash so that you can really see the issue. The recess for the hazard switch isn't smooth so I'll likely make a hole and put it back. Also need to make an opening for the glovebox lock mechanism.


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It looks like some bezel rings are in your future. Good job otherwise.


I found an unusual source for 2 1/16" bezel rings. Holley Carbs now sells instruments for their EFI setups and includes a variety of black and Chrome rings.


My hub ring option is cheaper though.

I just say your post from the other site, I guess I forgot to sign up for email updates. I am ordering the rings now.
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