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Questions on parts to increase HP on N42 Block and Head

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I have a stock drivetrain.



For transmission I'm thinking a OS-Giken Super Single Clutch.


Is there a difference between the NS081-AB8 and the NS081-AA8?



For the engine, I want to bore the engine out to 3.0 or 3.1 L. But I don't know if the N42 block will be able to withstand the HP. 


Me questions is- Are the upgrades I want to do, to my N42 Block/Head which is only at 90K miles, going to be ok?

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You're all over the map with your questions. Please take some time and do some reading here. There are over 10 years of discussions about 3.2 and 3.1L engine builds. All your N42 questions have been answered. You just have to search a bit and find them.


Regarding the clutches, go to the OSG USA web site and read up, or call them.

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