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After all that work I ran it twice and broke the crank. I think the clutch was out of balance for a long time and eventually wore it out. 


I sent it off and had a new crank nitrided, eliminated the distributor and went with individual coils, did away with the flywheel and went with a flex plate and got a Quarter Master Pro 5.5 clutch. I haven't had time to put it back together but will post up when I do 






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When it comes to color, all my future race cars will be white inside-out, top and bottom for improved light and visibility during repairs and maintenance. If I want color on top I will do a wrap.

except of some pain in my neck looks nice

awesome man!   im running 17x275's in the rear and 17x255's in the front, and hes right I rub when turning the wheel, but i dont have my coilovers on yet or the flares.  

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That's the first I've seen a flex plate used with a manual transmission? What does it take to make it work? I presume a friction surface is welded or bolted on? New holes drilled for the pressure plate? No issues with the the flexibility or strength of the thin flex plate? 


Flex plate is just for starter.  The shiny metal bit on the flexplate is the new friction surface.  They are sandwiched together with the clutch bolted to that.

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