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Ripples in Unibody

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So I have finished stripping away the sound deadning material and the undercoating and it has exposed wavy ripples in two places: the rear portion of the passenger's side floor pan and the metal surrounding the spare tire well on the driver's side. Has anyone seen this before and is this at all a bad sign? Similar to a pop can that has been crumpled and then straightened back out. There is no signs of repaired body damage and no signs of similar rippling anywhere else. These spots are in two distinctly separate places with not signs of rippling or warping anywhere else.


I have photos but my phone is acting up - will post some later. This is my first restoration and I may be overreacting - but has anyone seen this before? 

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I remember when I removed the carpet and sound proofing between the storage panels and the spare tire 25 years ago. "Holy Shit!" was my first thought. Then I learned a little bit about forming panels for mass production. When people see those panels now (I painted my floors and don't use carpet), I tell them those panels were straight before I swapped the V8-haha!

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