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What am I missing here?


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There are more pictures if you scroll over, there are holes in the floor pans. I just thought maybe I wasn't seeing something rare or sought after lol 

I see one fist sized hole. That's nothing, even if there's more damage on top. But like I said, I wouldn't pay $4k for it. And it's not drift tax - that applies to S13s, S14s, etc. not so much S30s. It's a classic car, and classic/desirable cars in general are on the rise right now.

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Guys from my searching the past few months prices for base Z's have gone up. I've looked at many cars that have been junk for 2500 and up.


My advice is hold onto your cars or ask more especially if it's entry level car.


Start searching craigslist . There have been tons of WTB ads for Datsun. There have been very few even for sale here on hybridz or any Z forum in my opinion.


This thing sold in 2 hours. http://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/cto/4897011612.html


My buddy picked up a non running rusty 240z for $800. On his way to pic up the car someone offered $1200 but the seller held to his word. It also sold in a few hours.

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I discussed during divorce negotiations with my ex: "If I put all my cars on the market at the same time, it would depress prices. Better we just get $10,000 for the lot as a scrap price... $300 per car is what the place said they would give.

This auction makes me smile. Mowhahahahahaha!


Who can I sell my cars to get my $118,000? Mowhahahahahaha!

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Hey, there was a crazy guy in Pomona with 110 Corvairs, he wanted to sell the lot for $100,000 'all or nothing' was his tagline on the sale.

Nobody ever bought them all. The way he explained how the EFF he ended up with 110 Corvairs was "Hey, I was a union machinist with Lockheed for 30 years. I got paid well, and these cars were selling for $25 and $50 at one point. I don't think any running car in this lot cost me more than $250. When you think about it, three or four cars a year...one every couple of months, for 30 years...and you easily come to 100."

The clarity. It made perfect sense at the time. It's the same line I use myself today!

But I won't sell them in a lump. Hell, they get up a bit higher I might just start selling them off one-by-one. There's more cars than years I got left by my figuring, so gotta do something!

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