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Back at it....


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HI Everyone!


Hope you are all enjoying the Super Bowl!!!!


It's been quite some time that I've frequented the forum etc....

I've had a great time with the Z and attended every Cars & Coffee last year and so far this year! The Z has run flawlessly.


My wife decided to use the garage and even with a HUGE garage, two full-sized pro-shops, I ended up not having space to park the Z, so it sits under a car cover and I use the Z once a month to attend car shows. Today I noticed from just being parked under a car cover and the recent rains, it's needs some TLC: window seals, engine hardware needs changing, ceramic coatings for exhaust finally needs to be done and a very small fuel leak on the fuel rail. In addition, I prefer the stock gauges, wooden wheel/shift knob or Nissan Comp. wheel (which doesn't look as classy). I wish there were more hours in a day, but at least I get to drive the Z whenever I want. This evening, I ordered a wrinkle finish black valve cover, new engine hardware and looking for all the other parts that I could finish within a few days.


So........I've met so many people attending the car shows and worked on a few Z projects from referals. My other Z, the red one in the avatar has been on my mind. Honestly, it's in a billion pieces and I'm not sure I can stomach a job at this level, but I can't stand seeing it just sit there lifeless. What to do? My schedule is booked with client projects this entire year and there are other cars that I'm very interested in. All in all, I need to consider the build-theme before purchasing parts, and that will begin with the large IMSA flares; although cool, I'm considering removing them for a different look but still retain the gnose.



Enjoy the last quarter of the game.......

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It's been a widebody all its life. Hard to drive as wheel offset really aren't right which affects scrub radius, bump steer and bearing loads. I'll keep the flares and body got memories.



Boxes of parts arrived yesterday from MSA and few other sources. It was like Xmas.

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Hi Folks,

I finally broke on the way to Cars and Coffee. I made it 15 times consecutively and simply blew a fuse.

My Lotus customer picked me up.

Lots of people headed to the show recognized the car and pulled over, but I had tow truck in the way.

Still went to the show in another car since I live only 2 minutes from the location.


All in all,

It was

Rather funny!


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Hey Folks,


It's been a while.


I've been gathering parts to rebuild the red z in the avatar; I am removing the big IMSA flares.


A customer bought my exhaust and I'm going to reinstall my 3" stainless exhaust since I don't have a lot of time nowadays for extra work. I'll post pics of this shortly.


I'm also making a post on old school wheels that I'm remachining.

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Its been a while-

Built a 3" exhaust and modified the collector- gained 10hp from 3200 to 5200rpm...

Even though I only attend shows, but learned something.



Will start a new thread as big red will be pulled out of the warehouse next week..

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