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Integrated fender flares?

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So i've got a 71 z with a 302 c4 combo in it and figured since it wasn't pure anymore i might as well play with the sheet metal too to accommodate some larger wheels/tires eventually probably a 17x9ish. I purchased these zg flares to just bolt on and then cut the fender to allow the bigger rubber http://www.zgfenderflares.com/ and started thinking about trying to fiberglass the zg flares to the body to create a small widebody similar to this car http://datsunfreak.deviantart.com/art/600hp-Silver-240Z-2-50121778   because it looks like the majority of the fender was left alone and only the flare area was fiberglassed.. I was hoping someone could give me an idea of what this might end up looking like or if something like that is even possible the way i described it ,thanks. Am also planning on running dual exhaust and was wondering if removal of the spare tire shell is necessary. 


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