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Help Identifying This S30 Pedal Assembly

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I recently bought a second hand RHD pedal assembly for my 240z.  The seller assured me it was from a 240z.


I've just removed the pedal assembly from my 71 LHD 240z and it looks completely different.


The one I've removed from the car is about 30mm shorter than the replacement one, it's narrower, and it has four holes where it bolts to the dash.


The replacement item is larger in general, and also only has two holes where it would bolt to the dash.


I'm wondering if this is from a later 240z than mine?  I've been looking on Google images and there are search results for 280z pedal assemblies which look closer to the replacement one I have?


The item on the left is the original LHD unit, the one on the right is the replacement RHD item.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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280/260 pedal boxes have two steering column mount holes, 240's have four as you correctly surmized. I think you will have a great deal of trouble getting the RHD box in your 240.

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On the US models, the early series used a smaller brake booster and the pedal box was narrower. The clutch pedal was made of thinner metal than the brake pedal and had a bend along it's length to add strength.


When they went to the the larger booster, they had to space the master cylinders farther apart. The box is slightly different, the pedals farther apart at their mount point, and the clutch pedal "bar" is as thick as the brake pedal. It also has a bigger bend to get the foot pad back next to the brake pedal.


Here the "early" box was in the '70-'72. IDK about the '73. The later box was definitely used in all 260's (1974) & 280's. But, what made the difference was the brake booster being used... IDK if the booster change was at the same time in all markets'.

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Just an update in case anyone else has a similar question.  I went back to the seller and he assures me that the one he sold me is from a 240.  He's a nice guy and I have no reason to believe otherwise, he even offered to buy it back.  I guess then it's possible that the larger item was also used on some later cars.

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