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RB-Z Intercooler Sizes

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I'm shopping around for a new intercooler. My current one is small, old, and all dented. It worked for my stock turbo setup going from 2" turbo outlet to 2.5" piping to 3" intake inlet. But now that I have changed turbos to a 3" outlet unit I'm looking to change up the entire system to be a 3" all the way to the intake.


I see that CXRacing sells a 28x12 unit for the S30 chassis that fits nicely in front of the core support but it seems they are over priced compared to some of the comparable "Ebay" intercoolers. (I think this may be because the stock is low so they jack the price up so few will buy until they get new stock in. I've noticed this on a lot of other "Ebay" brand products in my random searches; things that go for $100 will be priced at $1000 for a time then back down to $100).


There are a lot of 31x12 units on the market. How do these fit? I'm worried that with 3" silicon elbows it will be too wide and contact the factory hood hinges. I could get one welded with new end outlets but I'd prefer to use something off the shelf if possible.


I've searched the forum and found pictures and threads from way far back, but nobody lists the intercooler sizes they are using. Anyone have any input?

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Its not really a horsepower goal necessitating my want to change up to 3" all around. Just a matter of wanting to get rid of my 12 hose clamp current piping, really dented intercooler in there now, and a now 3" turbo outlet and 3" intake inlet.


I'm leaning towards the 28x12 because I know it'll fit and clear the hood hinges, but I'm curious to see if anyone has managed a 31x12 without welding new bends on the end tanks. I think to run a 31" wide unit you have to weld on new bends which is also why I'm leaning towards the 28x12.

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You need to worry more about the core instead of the size. I've ran ebay, precision, and treadstone intercoolers and I can tell you that quality core makes a huge difference in air temps. I went from ebay to precision intercoolers and saw 20-30degrees difference in cooling. I'm running treadstone intercooler now as they are priced somewhere in the middle and the core is pretty decent.

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