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The next step in its life SBC coming out 5.3LS going in!

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After 25 years of loyal service my SBC 350 is coming out, and replacing it will be a beautiful 5.3LS out of a 04 Yukon with 95K on the clock. The plans are simple for this build cam,and intake springs and rockers if needed other than that just the stuff it will take to fit and get running right. Have not made a choice on a trans yet would love a 6 speed but the T56 is out of my price range for now but who know buy the thing I get it done. I will keep you guy updated with my progress even though it will be at a snails pace.


I am so pumped.



Old  Sbc post-19246-0-35938800-1428949867_thumb.jpgpost-19246-0-11062100-1428949886_thumb.jpg


new 5.3





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Agreed LS9 cam is a great cheap swap, the trucks had very mild cams factory, be sure to grab some new valve springs while your at it. I also replaced the lifters and valve stem seals when I did mine, lifters can be had for about $80 a set and seals like $30 a set. I have VVT so had to get a custom grind cam, but if I wasn't VVT I would have LS9. 

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