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California versus Federal emissions? Distributor question...

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How do I check if my car (76 280z, manual) came with California emissions? I always assumed that it was Federal emissions (no cats; spent it's whole life in the northeast and michigan), but today I went to replace the distributor and the one on it is stamped D6F4-03. Can a California dist. be run on a Federal car?

...and just to double-check:
D6F4-01 = Federal Emissions, Manual Transmission, dual pick-ups
D6F4-02 = Federal Emissions, Automatic Transmission, dual pick-ups
D6F4-03 = California Emissions, Auto and Manual, single pick-up

The shaft in mine is wobbly and needs to be replaced, the car also doesn't like to rev past 3500-4000 RPMs without getting really rough. I realize that is probably from the shaft, but could the wrong distributor also be a culprit?

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Ok, then how do I find out which ICM I have?
...and while we are on the subject, where do I find it? I thought they were supposed to be located on the side of the distributor in these cars, but mine isn't? 

Managed to get a shot of the stamping while I was out there too:


I just want to know which distributor belongs on the car and where I can order it from.  :wacko:

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