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LS2 HybridZ 240 Sets 3 ECTA Records

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Update: weekend went too well. Started day 2 with improving 167 run with another 167 run that was a fraction of a second faster. So 167 seems to be the max for the current setup. The air was cool and still and I laid down a good clean run.


Spent rest of day in pits learning from drivers and builders. The cars and workmanship at these events are just insane. I spent a lot of time with a photographer named Larry from Hot Rod Magazine who has a 240z with a coilover kit that was sectioned and setup by johnc at BetaMotorsports. I tossed him the keys and we went for a spin around town. He did well with my car and I think I have him convinced to get AZC brakes. I think it is convincing to see a car haul down from 160+ and still get shut down for the first turn-out off the track. I'm sure he drives a lot of cool cars, and it was great to see him grin driving my car. Everybody at the event had a Z-story of some kind!


The car is stable at speed. I think the trick is to get set up straight and just tuck the elbow in against the door bar and refuse to move it. If you correct excessively, the car does get twitchy. The trick is to be gentle. The SOUND is the real joy of it-to hear the engine do its thing! What a great power plant....


On the down side: I just about lost a front wheel on the truck while towing the 8 hours home. I dunno if I failed to torque that wheel after inspecting my brakes before the trip or if the tire store fatigued my studs with the impact wrench. More likely the first. But we are camped out for the night at a roadside hotel waiting for Auto Zone to open in the morning to get some new studs. My crew chief is awesome and came up with the idea of sharing studs from the over wheel to strengthen the wounded side. There are some ARP long studs with open end nuts in my future.

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My fabricator/crew member made short work of installing new studs once we got 4 at Advance, 5 at O'Reilly's and 1at Auto Zone. It is great to have a buddy along who is more qualified than I. Now running open nuts for improved inspection ability and back on the road. Watch the thread for the next couple days and I will get photos and maybe videos added. The gopro was challenging as usual.

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I'm trying to figure out how to post the video link, but in the meantime, here is a screen shot of the YouTube video to help you find it. I haven't cut out the dead time, so if you want to watch it all, go ahead, but if you want to go straight to it, fast forward to 2:30. Go full screen to see cell-phone speedometer. The speedometer doesn't refresh fast enough to keep up, but it let me know I was on-pace for a record run. The last refresh was at 161, which was the standing record. Speed on this run was 167.23 mph. Went 167.5 on Sunday, but the gopro was fighting me. Shift to 5th is at 150 mph.


Also in this reply are some pics of the car from hotrod.com. Then a final shot of the truck and trailer after we got back on the road after the wheel stud repair.








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