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That is the ONLY MANIFOLD that will bolt on. All the rest I tried hit the waste gate in weird spots. This one barely clears the s30 subframe. It sets about 1/4 to 1/2 in away from subframe !


Well. Next will be running the oil return, making a cold pipe, and downpipe installation.

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Here is my waste gate clearance. Still thinking of a way to run a dump pipe,and where to. Anyone doing 1jzgte, make sure to use this manifold! I tried 3 different manifold designs. Only know obe brand for sure. Driftmotion, doesn't clear with out modification.


As you see, you need the manifolds that have the waste gate pointing down, so you can gain access for the turbo down pipe to clear.










Then my engine mount is supper close to the drain fitting. Had to use a 1/2 to 10an 90degree to clear it!





It's all plumbed up and running, and still waiting on supply for the down pipe.


Also ordered wheel spacers to get a slightly better wheel fitment.




Here is the pipe I had a blow off valve welded on to...also added a 45 coupler. Soon after its running well, I am taking it in for 1 piece piping, with vband as couplers.









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Welp. Went to go drive it. Tires rubbed to much (still need rear lower control arms, and front tension) raised it up today.also got wheel spacers. Fitment is a+ in my book now.









Tried to drive it to work...quickly got shut down by my water pump leaking! Arg! Lol. So I guess I will be doing timing belt, tensioner, and a 2jzgte water pump.








Sooooo close!

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Did you already sell the flares or are they currently up for sale? Also how big were those wheel spacers?


Build looks great btw, gives me inspiration to put mine back together once she's back from paint.


What are your plans for power? 500? I'm trying to decide what I should put into my 2jz hybrid. You're on megasquirt right?

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So after reading adjusting my engine mounts every week, today I bit the bullet and removed the front subframe with the engine still in =)


Got it out and welded up the cx racing engine mounts solid as a rock, and really coated the subframe.


This was kinda a pain in the ass, but I refuse to remove the 1jzgte again! Lol






Thanks guys!

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Ordered some smaller flares, now my car sets flareless. It's sad, i know, but I still love driving it.


The old flares are indeed sold, and shipped already.


New tire size 235/45/17 rear 215/40/17 front.


Lowered vehicle about another inch. Still very daily driver friendly.





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If you're planning on doing top feed EV14 style injectors(ID1000, FIC, DP, etc.), take a look at the drift motion rail. It's probably the best one available for the non vvti 1JZ in the US, and it's well priced. Fitment is great, but depending on injector length, you will have to sand down the stock standoffs to fit.



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Another thing I am starting on.




Chassis Wiring has been driving me crazy. It seems every week I have something going out. Recently it was by blower motor/heater. Oh, and my blinkers went out.


So....I am going to make my own chassis harness. Ordered a fuse box, wire connectors, wire, switches, USB hook up, little volt meter gauge, push button start, bunch of relays, and what not.


And it begins!

No longer going to have any more issues with this car!

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