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Bolt on Coilovers from CEIKA and Custom Brake Kits

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I have been browsing the suspension section as well as Google looking at the suspension options for the Z when I saw a company that I have never heard of before, claiming to make custom suspension and brake kits. I took a good look at their website and decided to send them an email to see if they would be able to make a purely bolt on kit for the S30 chassis, and this is their response:


"Hello Dan, 
Thank you for your message and your interest.
Yes we can do fully bolt on coilovers kit for your Datsun 260z.
Our price starts at $1130 including shipping and it is fully custom built to suit your needs and bolt on for your Datsun 260z.

We can customise the spring rate, damper length and travel as well as the valving to achieve the adjustability and ride quality that you are looking for. 

These kits allow the lower the car about 100mm to 120mm but if you need to go lower we can also do a fully custom extra lowered kit with shorter mounts and special valveling  to suit the sorter shock travel and it could go an extra 40mm to 50mm lower. 

You could add helper springs in order to give you more travel and droop. It will help keep the tyre in contact with the road and provide better handling and comfort on rough surfaces. It’s another $100 extra for the set of 4. 

About the brakes unfortunately, we don't have the specs for your car but we would love to make some brakes for it. 
If you can fill up our measurement sheet we can make a custom bolt-on big brake kit and give you a $100 discount for the specs on top of our combo discount.
We will guarantee perfect fitment of the kit. It is easy to take measurements and we can assist you with the process. 
When we will compile your specs we will be able to see if you make any mistakes. And we can also send you the templates to be sure that the kit will fit into your wheels. 

Also if you take a look at our spare part section we have the cheapest prices around by far. We don't have distributors so it's wholesale price pretty much for our BBK and we chose to sell spares to our customer at cost price. http://ceikaperformance.com/Custom-Built-Brake-Kit/Brake-Kit-Spare-Parts-c14/

We are a small company ran by enthusiasts and our prices are the cheapest because we have very reasonable margins. We only charge the cost of materials when upgrading to larger kits hence the price difference with competitors. We don't charge any margins on options prices either and we keep our costs down on sponsoring and marketing and rely on customer word of mouth mainly. 

We guarantee customer satisfaction, noise free braking (with street pads) and perfect fitment also. And our calipers, seals, brake line (made in UK and DOT/ADR approved), hardware and brackets come with a full 2 year warranty!

I hope i have answered your questions. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Gauthier Milharo – CEIKA team
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ceikaperformance
Web site: http://ceikaperformance.com
Email: contact@ceikaperformance.com
For large files, please use: ceikaperformance@gmail.com"




It seems almost like it's too good to be true, but at the same time I would be super excited to have a true bolt on kit for around the same price as what's currently a weld on kit. They also make custom brakes, but don't have anything currently available for the S30's, but as you can see they will make them. If you guys are interested, I can get back with them and provide everything they need, as well as see if they are interested in a potential group buy. Let me know and I can try to work this out.


EDIT: Their factory and assembly lines are located in Taiwan according to their website.

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They seem to respond reasonably well, I got the email back from them within 24 hours, and I just emailed them back with a few more questions, mainly about clarifying whether we'd need to send our hub assemblies to them or if they had them in stock. I haven't heard back from them yet, but I just sent it out about 30 minutes ago.

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That sounds like a pretty Generic response on their end. Because they price all their coilovers the same way its really easy to just fill in the blanks with "Datsun 260z"

Since there are Tawian manufacturers who make D2, Ksport, Megan, etc... I am sure the manufacturer already has the parts for the S30 chassis, but these weld in just like all the others.

I am sure at some point they will get back to you saying that it will have to be a weld in application.


Same goes with the big brake kits. They are just getting measurements to see if what they already have that will work for you.

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My follow up email was almost entirely about whether or not the coilovers would be bolt on units, and they didn't answer the question in the follow up email. Here is their response that I received this morning.



"Would you be able to fil up the measurement sheet and take the measurements of the hubs and drum parking plate bolt in place so we can designed the kit.  

We can use a two holes caliper bracket that will bolt the caliper on the leading side of the rear wheel and it looks likes they will be plenty of clearance on this side ( opposite side of the shock) and the rotor wheel in stole on the actual hubs in place of the drums. You will have to choose by yourself the offset of the disc that will be best (it is best to make it as close to the inside as possible to give best wheel clearance) It will depend on the surface of the parking plate bolt in flange if you want to have the calipers brackets bolt in from the back or for the front. You can then work out the offset of the futurs rotors to be as close as possible to the caliper brackets or any other parts sticking out further. 
About the discount we can do different types of discount it’s depend of your order. For example for coilovers kits, ten kits with the same specs or nearly the same is enough to do a discounted rate if it’s less we can offer some options like camber plates for example.
Or for the big brake kit from 2 or 5 kits we will be able to do a bigger discount depending the options and sizes you will choose.  
I attached you the measurement sheet.
Waiting for your answer, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
Best regards.
Gauthier Milharo – CEIKA team"
So it looks to me like the coilovers will not be a true bolt on unit, and with the prices being similar to the BC Coils posted in another thread it's probably best to stick with something of a known good quality.
Their brakes are pre built kit, but they do have different colors and sizes available for a pretty good price, and appear to be able to create the necessary brackets to adapt their kits to the mounting brackets of the Z, so they might be a good option for brakes, especially if we organize a group buy. Their brake kits range from 4 pot kits to 6 and 8 pot kits with different caliper sizes and thicknesses to choose from. I have attached their measurement sheet for you guys to take a look at as well.


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Well,,  at least somebody there knows that the S30 requires weld-on threaded adapters AND 2" adapters work for the 240Z and early 260Z but not the 280Z...  It's as simple as reading their product list.  They have pictures too.

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