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How's it going,


I picked up a '71 240z the other day.  B)


When I got back to town I stopped by the local gas station and began fueling up, right when I topped her off fuel flushed out from what looked to be under the tank. Talk about nerve racking! It was a nice puddle, and then leaked steadily for around 10 minutes or so, and eventually stopped. For the next couple days I drove around and every time I stopped (be it at a light or parking lot) there would be a tiny amount of fuel dripping from again - what appears to be the bottom of the tank - then it would stop within a couple minutes. Now that my fuel is lower, she doesn't leak. Also my gauge isn't working so I can't tell you roughly how full it is. Whenever I put the smallest amount of fuel in her, I smell fuel from inside the car!


I ordered all new vent hoses, I was going to drop the tank when they come in and see if I can identify the problem. I'm HOPING it's not the tank. I haven't ordered a new fuel filler hose, they're pretty expensive.


I know there's a million posts out there on this, I've been searching. but since every case is slightly different, hopefully this will be helpful to someone with the same issue in the future!


If you'd like to chime in and offer some much needed advise, I'd be thankful.




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There's a rubber filler neck that goes from the filler to the tank. If I remember correctly, there's an access panel above the RR tire.  If you remove that (3 or 4 phillips screws) you can probably see where the problem is. Good Luck and congrats!

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There was probably a smarter way to do this, but after going to the same gas station as before (I'm so sorry!) it leaked again, though not as much. I identified the faulty tube, hopefully the only one (however, I'm still replacing all).




#1 is the bad tube, at the connection to the gas tank is where I saw that it was leaking. Is this a vent tube?

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Yep, that's one of the vent tubes for that gas vent canister.


While you're there check out the other vent hoses flexibility, the gas filler tube flexibility, and the smaller hoses underneath at the tank and replace as needed. Better to do it now while you're there than later.


This is part of the journey of a 40+ year old Z car - enjoy!



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