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Put a set of these needles on my Z and definitely helped out, surprised the hell out of me at a autocross called the Bay Bottom Crawl looked down in one section where it is pretty short and car was almost to 8K, definitely think the needles helped out on that.

Car always pulled strong with these needles

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I bought them, but never installed them. Based off of reading/research it kind of brings your AFR down or up to 12 across more of the rev range. Idle up from 10 to 12 means less of a dog at tip in, at peak power down from 13.5 to 12 means a little less pull up top. Overall a bit safer and a bit more pep off the line.


I'm not sure they are necessarily an upgrade per say. I think it was 40$, if you plan on sticking with the SU carbs then a good rebuild kit and such might go further given the effort it takes to install the SM's.

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