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R200 install issue

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I need some help.. I just swapped my r200 LSD from one car (83 turbo) to another (83 turbo) and put the standard turbo r200 into the other car. I've done this swap at lead 3 times in prior years and am now having issues with the stub axle. Both the left and right axles are from the same exact diffs, each one going back to their pertain diff. I just needed to remove them to get the diff out of the car. Left is back side is on the left and right is back on the right side as removed. 


The issue I'm have is that the right side (passenger) axle is not going all the way into the diff. I did the left side and had no issues (clipped in) but the right won't go all the way in. Ive tried tapping it into place with a hammer but its not budging. Ive even inserted it to the wheel side stub (not yet screwed) to help me put a bit more pressure toward the inside but no luck.. I've been at it for an hour and Im stumped..

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There's about 3/8" left for it to be fully inserted. I don't have any pics at the moment but everything seemed ok. I was able to move the c clip a bit and center it but it dis t help..

Sounds like you may have the axles switched side to side. One of them is about 3/8 longer than the other, so if you have them switched one will click into place while not fully inserted, and the other will go all the way in but won't click into place.

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