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Anyone seen this build?

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Of course the proportions are gonna change with widening out the whole car. With building this car I wasn't going for a stock looking build. I like making old cars look like a new one. I tried changing everything about this car while still leaving many of the design ideas from the original intact. The car is wider and longer. We also fixed the front and rear overhangs to align with the new rockers

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Well, looks are of course subjective... with that said:


1) The headlight buckets. Sorry to say, but I don't think you did a good job with those. Simply adding in metal to make the fenders wider makes the buckets look smaller, and the car, fatter. I'm not sure what I would have done to fix this, but I don't think it looks right as is. Maybe it would've been better to make a wider hood? I don't know.


2) I never would have guessed that it was longer - I think your wheel choice might not be helping this, but between the additional width, and the lower rockers and rear quarters (if they aren't lower, they at least look lower), the car looks more short and squat to me.


3) I think an airdam that stuck out more (forward) would help. The way it is (going more inward), it makes the car look shorter. Wheels with some dish I think would help too.


My 2 cents. I appreciate that you're trying something different than what most people do and I think you have some good ideas, but to my eye, it needs a little tweaking.


+1 on what NewZed said... half the pics I can't see.

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I respect your opinion. I've built many cars that people dont like but others do. The wheels are mock up wheels. Making the hood wider would have caused all sorts of problems. Plus I built to hood so it could be reproduced and sold as a bolt on part. The rockers, rear and front have all been covered. The read hatch is what has been lengthed and then I pulled in the bottom of the roll pan to angle the rear and match the door line to the quarter. The front bumper is the same angle as the factory I just followed it down father.



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