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So after getting the mounts figured out, I then decided to focus on getting the engine put together. I wanted to see what I'm missing, get everything built out, wiring figured out and hopefully do a first startup! So, I pulled out the boxes and laid out all the pieces ha. This went together pretty quickly as it's all bolt on stuff.


First, the intake!

Then I put the starter and turbo in.

It was at this point I remembered I had an oil return line that was directly under my engine mount. Originally the mounts were much less angles downwards which made it possible to put the hose on under the mount. My new mounts have a harsh angle which made that impossible so instead I drilled a hold straight through the mount and had the hose hook up straight through. Not sure how well it will work yet. I may want to go in and dimple the hole but we'll see ha. Works for now and I'll keep an eye on it!


After that, most of the bolt ons were on so I started doing the piping for the intercooler! I had so many pieces of this so it was pretty easy.


I apparently didn't get a ton of pictures of this stage but here is the almost final result! I did end swapping out the passenger side pipe coming out of the intake manifold for a pipe that already had the blow off valve welded on. The wheel well required some "massaging" with my rubber mallet to get it to fit but I'm eventually planning on cutting that out anyway so I'm not worried.



You'll notice that I have a sweet Mishimoto radiator as well. I won it with an instagram video contest and I figured rather than find a radiator with a passenger side intake hole I would just try and make it work with some radiator piping.

More to come!

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4 hours ago, grannyknot said:

That's really coming along now, do you think you'll get to drive this year?

Yeah the hope is really soon. I still have some updating to do but I'm very close to getting it started. I need a little bit of cash to get a few tidbits to finish it off though!

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So the last I updated about the fuel I was trying to make the stock tank work. After fiddling around with that for a bit I decided I'd rather just get a cheap fuel cell and run with that! So here's the cheap eBay beaut in all her glory! You can see this is the setup of it all for the most part. I laid it out to get a clear picture of things.


I got tired of trying to fit it in the wheel well so instead I cut that off! I was careful not to cut into the metal of the actual floor but instead only cut the wheel well material. I want to use the flange for a cover or something.


Next I cut slightly into the leftover wheel well flange. I did these little cuts all around it and then pried each piece off while drilling and grinding away the tack welds.

Next, I started on the frame supports for the fuel cells. I used just some angle iron across the the subframe in the back. I later on went and used some flat pieces to fix the gap on the ends. I needed that to be that los in order to have the correct angle for the gas.

These tabs will hold it on on this side.
A mockup for how it will look.

After testing the actual cells I realized I made a mistake here so I cut off these tabs, marked up the new spots and welded some new ones on!

I used some flat aluminum from a local metal supplier and just measured and bent with my hammer and a vise! Turned out perfect on this and a little loose on the smaller one. I did add strips of window seal on the sindises to keep it from rattling and hold it tighter.

Looking great now! I then ground it all down and painted it with primer and some undercoating.





Then I drilled all the holes and started fitting things in one piece at a time. I did all the AN fittings and hoses and just tried to optimize it as good as possible. The "final" result:



I know these aren't exactly high end race cells but this is plenty of overkill for my needs! I later added better hardware to hold it all together and I bought a fuel pump holder for the Bosch pump.

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Note: One problem I had with the low pressure pump is they no longer make it and so I couldn't get a replacement for the little weird bolt it had. These were stripped and the threads were so small that it didn't instill confidence. So instead I made my own substitutes with some threaded rod of the same diameter as the smooth piece that fits in the rubber grommet and a few nuts placed around. Worked perfect! I do have reservations about it cutting through the rubber but I figure it won't cut completely through, only as deep as the threads. 


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About the feed through hole on your motor mount. The material thickness on the mount seems adequate so I would not bother to try and dimple it. Also, due to the thickness, it will be a pain to dimple anyway.

I would maybe increase the diameter of the hole for a bit just to make sure that the sharp edge of the hole does not eat into your oil return line. If possible, you could even make the hole big enough to fit a through hole grommet in between.


Your intercooler looks like a nice fit. Is that an off-the-shelf model?  Are you able to run the 90 degree angled rubber piping through the stock openings or did you need to cut them bigger?

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@Boben Good suggestion! I'm sure I'll apply something like that to it to make sure I don't suddenly lose all my oil!

And this is the exact one I bought: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Intercooler-25X12X3-2-5-Inlet-Outlet-Toyota-Acura-BWM-Audi-Honda-Mazda/161332406851?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

It's now $1100 apparently which is crazy because I paid $78 bucks for it ha. I was able to use the 90 degree rubber and it fit perfectly! Like a glove, no cutting needed! Any bigger would definitely require cutting I bet. The openings are 2.5" FWIW. 

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So I'm active on the 240z subreddit and a fellow enthusiast on there was giving away these sweet original brochures from Sweden or whatever. I messaged him and he sent them over, what a great guy! These were pretty cool to get. I plan on framing them and hanging them in the garage.


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