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300ZX Turbo Axles (Z31)

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I'm currently embarking on a diff project (not exactly by choice) and so far I have all my parts (Adapters from M2, Diff from Whitehead) and I am currently stuck at finding Z31 Turbo Axles.  I've tried Rock Auto several times but they never have them in stock (when they do its a lie). I also tried my local CL and eBay as well as a few members here on HybridZ, NicoClub, and ClassicZCar.

If this goes against any Forum rules, I apologize but I've tried mainly through Parts Wanted threads and private messaging AS WELL AS THE SEARCH BUTTON and I'm not to sure where to go now.

If anyone has information on where to find Z31 Turbo axles please let me know. Better yet, if you are selling them, please let me know.

Thank you,

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O'Reilly's (thats a parts house like Auto Zone) old parts program for rebuilt axles and your local import junkyards for used stuff to rebuild yourself. Look for 1987-1989 300zx turbo.

Alright thanks, I'll check them out.



Hi Liam,  I have the correct length 1/2 shafts you will need for your project to stop the binding.   


Thanks  Joe

Yes I know, I bought 39 Spline Stub Axles, CV Adapters and the Companion Flange from you.  Will this allow me to use 300zx NA CV axles which are more common?


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